Basslets For Sale

Basslets are small colorful fish that add entertainment and activity to any environment.  They are a great community fish that will thrive in both coral reefs and rock reefs.  Basslets are popular among all hobbyists from beginner to advanced, due to their passive behavior and ease of care.  The Basslet is a reef safe fish with a variable diet, accepting most foods offered.  Not shy, they spend most of their time out in the open water.

Randalli's Assessor Basslet - Japan

Assessor randalli

Sale Randalli's Assessor Basslet - Japan

Brazilian Royal Gramma - Captive Bred

Gramma brasiliensis

Sale Brazilian Royal Gramma - Captive Bred

Royal Gramma

Gramma loreto

Sale Royal Gramma

Blackcap Basslet

Gramma melacara

Sale Blackcap Basslet

Tobacco Basslet - Atlantic

Serranus tabcarius

Sale Tobacco Basslet - Atlantic

Harlequin Bass

Serranus tigrinus

Sale Harlequin Bass

Lantern Basslet

Serranus baldwini

Sale Lantern Basslet

Swissguard Basslet - Atlantic

Liopropoma rubre

Sale Swissguard Basslet - Atlantic

Swalesi Basslet

Liopropoma swalesi

Sale Swalesi Basslet

Arrowhead Basslet

Belonoperca chabanaudi

Sale Arrowhead Basslet

Japanese Basslet

Leopropoma susumi

Sale Japanese Basslet

Banded Longfin Basslet

Belonepterygion fasciolatum

Sale Banded Longfin Basslet

Yellowtail Reef Basslet

Liopropoma mitratum

Sale Yellowtail Reef Basslet

Rainbow Basslet

Liopropoma fasciatum

Sale Rainbow Basslet

Peppermint Basslet

Serranus pulcher

Sale Peppermint Basslet

Dr. Seuss Soapfish

Belonoperca pylei

Sale Dr. Seuss Soapfish

Lava Pseudogramma

Pseudogramma xantha

Sale Lava Pseudogramma

Collette's Reef Basslet

Liopropoma collettei

Sale Collette's Reef Basslet

Twin Spot Basslet - Captive Bred

Serranus flaviventris

Sale Twin Spot Basslet - Captive Bred

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