Damsels For Sale

Damsels are commonly found in most environments from coral reefs to rock reefs.  They are bold yet compatible with most other fish.  Damsels can be kept in groups of the same or as an individual.  They tend to swim freely out in the open making them visible most of the time which is desirable when many other fish are quite shy.  Damsels will eat any meaty seafood, pellet or flakes.  These fish are very popular as they tend to be …

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Lemon Damsel

Pomacentrus moluccensis

Sale Lemon Damsel

Blue Reef Chromis

Chromis cyaneus

Sale Blue Reef Chromis

Springer Damsel

Chrysiptera springeri

Sale Springer Damsel

Sergeant Major Damsel

Abudefduf saxatilis

Sale Sergeant Major Damsel

Allen's Damsel

Pomacentrus alleni

Sale Allen's Damsel

Fulsilier Damsel - South Pacific

Lepidozygus tapeinosoma

Sale Fulsilier Damsel - South Pacific

Staghorn Damsel: Yellow

Amblyglyphidodon ternatensis

Sale Staghorn Damsel: Yellow

Electric Blue Damsel

Pomacentrus coelestis

Sale Electric Blue Damsel

Talbot's Damsel

Chrysiptera talboti

Sale Talbot's Damsel

Black-Bar Chromis

Chromis retrofasciata

Sale Black-Bar Chromis

Orange Line Chromis: Juvenile

Acanthochromis polyacanthus

Sale Orange Line Chromis: Juvenile

Barrier Reef Chromis - Australia

Chromis nitida

Sale Barrier Reef Chromis - Australia

Scissortail Damsel

Chromis atrilobata

Sale Scissortail Damsel

Ocellate Damsel

Pomacentrus vaiuli

Sale Ocellate Damsel

Ambon Damsel

Pomacentrus amboinensis

Sale Ambon Damsel

Green Chromis

Chromis viridis

Sale Green Chromis

Goldtail Half Blue Damsel

Chrysiptera cf parasema

Sale Goldtail Half Blue Damsel

Fiji Devil Damsel

Chrysiptera taupou

Sale Fiji Devil Damsel

Beau Gregory Damsel

Chrysiptera sp.

Sale Beau Gregory Damsel

4 Stripe Damsel

Dascyllus melanurus

Sale 4 Stripe Damsel

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