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Damselfish are small, colorful marine fish known for their vibrant hues and adaptability to various aquarium environments. In captivity, they typically range in size from 2 to 4 inches, depending on the species. Despite their small stature, damselfish can exhibit territorial and aggressive behaviors, especially towards other fish sharing their space. Some species are notorious for dominating tank territories and may even harass tankmates. However, with proper tank size and adequate hiding spots, damselfish can thrive in community aquariums, adding … Read more

Blue Reef Chromis

Chromis cyaneus

Sale Blue Reef Chromis

Fiji Devil Damsel

Chrysiptera taupou

Sale Fiji Devil Damsel

Springer Damsel

Chrysiptera springeri

Sale Springer Damsel

Giant Damsel - East Pacific

Microspathodon dorsalis

Sale Giant Damsel - East Pacific

Blue Devil Damsel

Chrysiptera cyanea

Sale Blue Devil Damsel

Sergeant Major Damsel

Abudefduf saxatilis

Sale Sergeant Major Damsel

Yellowbelly Damsel

Pomacentrus auriventris

Sale Yellowbelly Damsel

Allen's Damsel

Pomacentrus alleni

Sale Allen's Damsel

Black and Gold Chromis

Neoglyphidodon nigroris

Sale Black and Gold Chromis

Bicolor Chromis Damsel

Chromis margaritifer

Sale Bicolor Chromis Damsel

Electric Blue Damsel

Pomacentrus coelestis

Sale Electric Blue Damsel

Blue Damsel

Chrysiptera cyanea

Sale Blue Damsel

Half Blue Damsel

Chrysiptera hemicyanea

Sale Half Blue Damsel

Golden Domino Damsel

Dascyllus auripinnis

Sale Golden Domino Damsel

Ocellate Damsel

Pomacentrus vaiuli

Sale Ocellate Damsel

Vanderbilt Chromis Damsel

Chromis vanderbilt

Sale Vanderbilt Chromis Damsel

Green Chromis

Chromis viridis

Sale Green Chromis

Barrier Reef Chromis - Australia

Chromis nitida

Sale Barrier Reef Chromis - Australia

Scissortail Damsel

Chromis atrilobata

Sale Scissortail Damsel

Pink Smith Damsel

Pomacentrus smithi

Sale Pink Smith Damsel

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