Wrasses For Sale

Wrasses are a diverse group of marine fish known for their striking colors, unique patterns, and fascinating behaviors. In captivity, wrasses can vary greatly in size, with some species reaching lengths of just a few inches while others can grow up to a foot or more. Their temperament can range from peaceful to aggressive, depending on the species and individual personality. Many wrasses are active swimmers and may exhibit territorial behavior, particularly males establishing dominance within a group. Despite their … Read more

Dragon Wrasse

Novaculichthys taeniourus

Sale Dragon Wrasse

Harlequin Tusk Wrasse

Lienardella fasciata

Sale Harlequin Tusk Wrasse

Neon Wrasse

Halichoeres garnoti

Sale Neon Wrasse

Creole Wrasse

Clepticus parrae

Sale Creole Wrasse

Orange Spotted Tuskfish

Choerodon anchorago

Sale Orange Spotted Tuskfish

Dusky Wrasse

Halichoeres marginitus

Sale Dusky Wrasse

Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse

Wetmorella nigropinnata

Sale Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse

Rainbow Wrasse

Thalassoma quinquevittatum

Sale Rainbow Wrasse

Yellow Wrasse

Halichoeres chrysus

Sale Yellow Wrasse

Red Coris Wrasse

Coris gaimard

Sale Red Coris Wrasse

Sunset Wrasse

Thalassoma lutescens

Sale Sunset Wrasse

Adorned Wrasse - Red Sea

Halichoeres cosmetus

Sale Adorned Wrasse - Red Sea

Bluehead Wrasse: Male

Thalassoma bifasciatum

Sale Bluehead Wrasse: Male

Formosa Wrasse

Coris formosa

Sale Formosa Wrasse

Fourline Wrasse

Psudeocheilinus tetrataenia

Sale Fourline Wrasse

Green Coris Wrasse

Halichoeres chloropterus

Sale Green Coris Wrasse

Harlequin Tusk Wrasse - Aquacultured

Lienardella fasciata

Sale Harlequin Tusk Wrasse - Aquacultured

Slingjaw Wrasse Yellow - South Pacific

Epibulus insidiator

Sale Slingjaw Wrasse Yellow - South Pacific

Checkerboard Wrasse

Halichoeres hortulanus

Sale Checkerboard Wrasse

Red Tail Wrasse

Anampses chrysocephalus

Sale Red Tail Wrasse

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