Groupers For Sale

Groupers are widely known for their bold presence.  They are masters of the marine world and are incredibly in their versatility to adapt to almost any conditions.  Groupers are best suited for a large environment as they grow quickly and require same sized fish around or they could easily become a tasty snack.  Groupers are easy to identify with their hinged jaw allowing them to essentially gulp their meal in one quick movement.  They should be offered meaty seafood daily …

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Clown Grouper

Pogonoperca punctata

Sale Clown Grouper

Marine Betta

Calloplesiops altivelis

Sale Marine Betta

Miniatus Grouper

Cephalopholis miniata

Sale Miniatus Grouper

Panther Grouper

Cromileptes altivelis

Sale Panther Grouper

Polleni Grouper

Cepholopholis polleni

Sale Polleni Grouper

Blue-and-Yellow Grouper

Epinephelus flavocaeruleus

Sale Blue-and-Yellow Grouper

Red Hind Grouper

Epinephelus guttatus

Sale Red Hind Grouper

White Edge Lyretail Grouper

Variola albimarginata

Sale White Edge Lyretail Grouper

Zebra Leather Grouper

Dermatolepis dermatolepis

Sale Zebra Leather Grouper

Blue Gill Longfin Grouper

Plesiops corallicola

Sale Blue Gill Longfin Grouper

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