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This is Premium Marine Life not available anywhere else. In the tradition of
we offer the Best Quality and Value with the lowest price possible. Premium selected corals with new low price. strives to make the most WYSIWYG products available in the industry. We make hundreds of one-of-a-kind products available each week for you to select from. These unique products sell out quickly and are not reserved until you have completed Checkout.

For Size Reference Please Note: We use “egg crate” which are approximately just under 1/2" across. If you have any questions about size, please contact our customer service by phone, email, or chat.

Birdnest, Ultra

Seriatopora hystrix

Sale Birdnest, Ultra

Black Bird Female

Gomphosus varius

Sale Black Bird Female

Brain Dented Ultra Color

Symphyllia sp.

Sale Brain Dented Ultra Color

Cap, Nuclear Fusion

Montipora sp.

Sale Cap, Nuclear Fusion

Chalice Ultra Color

Echinophyllia sp.

Sale Chalice Ultra Color


Pteragogus enneacanthus

Sale Cocktail

Cyphastrea, Orange Hi-C

Cyphastrea sp.

Sale Cyphastrea, Orange Hi-C

Encrusting, Danger Zone

Montipora sp.

Sale Encrusting, Danger Zone

Favites, Spiderman

Favites pentagona

Sale Favites, Spiderman

Favites, Spiderman

Favites pentagona

Sale Favites, Spiderman

Flower Pot Ultra

Goniopora sp.

Sale Flower Pot Ultra

Flower Pot, Laffy Taffy

Goniopora sp.

Sale Flower Pot, Laffy Taffy

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