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Find the answer to all of your questions right here. We have provided detailed information that should cover any question or issue that may arise from the point of browsing all the way to order receiving. If you have questions that aren't covered here, please call 772-462-0203, chat via the link on our home page, or email us at support@saltwaterfish.com and let us know how we can further assist you. Please check us out on Facebook and search our Forum for detailed information.


Ordering Miscellaneous
Shipping Acclimation



Q. How do I place an order online?
A. After you create a shopping account and login using your email address and password, fill your shopping cart and check out entirely, in which an order number will be issued and a confirmation email will be sent.

Q. How do I create an account to place an order?
A Click the “New Customer” link on the right hand side of the main website page located in the “Sign In” area. Fill out the requested information and click save.

Q. Do you offer Wholesale Accounts?
A. No. We are not currently offering Wholesale Accounts. However, our prices are usually at wholesale prices or lower.

Q. Do you accept Cash, Purchase Orders, Money orders, Checks, or non-US credit cards?
A. No. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. We do not accept international Credit Cards. All transactions occur through our secure server.

Q. Can I use two different credit cards for the same order such as a credit card and a Visa gift card?
A. No. Only one form of payment is accepted per order.

Q. How do I know if an item is available or out of stock?
A. If you are able to place the item in your cart, it is available. If it is unavailable, it will say “Waiting List”. Our inventory system is in real time so even if the marine life is in your cart it will not be removed from inventory until you check out. It will be available for sale to others until you check out entirely and an order number is issued.

Q. What does Waiting List mean?
A. Waiting List is a feature where you can input your email address and we will automatically email you when the item is back in stock.

Q. When items are back in stock, Can I have the sale price?
A. Prices change regularly and we cannot guarantee that the price will be the same when it is back in stock. Sizes change and prices may be lower or higher. We do not offer rain checks. Prices remain the price paid at the time of purchase.

Q. Can I place an order by phone?
A. We do accept phone orders. You will need to go online and set up a Saltwaterfish.com shopping account before placing a phone order. Then call the phone number on our home page. 772-462-0203.

Q. I had items in my cart and when I was ready to checkout, it said the items were no longer available. Why?
A. Unlike other sites, ours operates in real time inventory. Items aren’t held for you until you complete checkout entirely and an order number is issued. That way it is fair for everyone shopping and items aren’t sitting in carts indefinitely.

Q. Can locals pick out and pick up orders to save on shipping?
A. No. All sales are online and all packages are shipped.

Q. Do you ship to Hawaii, Canada or Puerto Rico?
A. No. We do not ship to Hawaii, Canada or Puerto Rico. We ship within the continental USA and Alaska.

Q. Do you offer the ability to do a group buy for a reef club for example?
A. Please contact our customer support for more info.

Q. Are there any discounts offered for large orders that aren’t visible on the website?
A. Please contact our customer support for more info.

Q. I have placed an order and would like to add to it, change it, or cancel. How do I do that?
A. You must contact us by chat, email or phone, and let us know what is to be changed. Providing consent, we will charge the card on file or send a PayPal payment request for the balance if necessary. Advance notice is required for any cancels, additions or changes.

Q. I can’t remember my password. What do I do?
A. Click the password reminder link entitled ‘forgot password’ in the ‘Sign In’ section of the home page on the right side. An email will be sent to you with the reminder.

Q. How can I be sure that the item I order is going to look exactly like the photo shown for reference?
A. The photo provided is a representation of the species. For fish and invertebrates, there is very little variance of color and the fish/invert will look like the photo once it has settled into your aquarium. For corals, there can be many color variations for the exact same species. If you are looking for something very specific, please shop from the WYSIWYG area. (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET) The WYSIWYG area contains exact items where you will receive the exact item pictured.


Q. Shipping status, What does it mean?
A. New- not shipping today. Pre-Processing- preparing to ship. Processing- shipping today. Shipped- shipped, see tracking in account and expect a tracking email.

Q. What carrier options are there?
A. All Marine Life orders are shipped by FedEx for overnight delivery to your door. We use FedEx exclusively.

Q. Do you ship anywhere outside the U.S.A. ?
A. We ship to all U.S. states except Hawaii.  We do not ship to Puerto Rico.

Q. Can you ship to my zip code?
A. Yes. We can ship to every zip code for any state in the U.S. that FedEx provides service to, except for Hawaii.

Q. What time will my package be delivered?
A. Deliveries should occur any time before 3:30 PM. Please track your package.  You can sign up for delivery notifications at FedEx.com.

Q. My package seems to be delayed and your office is closed. What can I do?
A. Please contact FedEx directly at 1800GOFEDEX and provide them with your tracking number. You can make special arrangements if necessary.

Q. Do I have to sign for it?
A. We ship with no signature requirement. FedEx will leave your package at the most visible door to them. If you have special instructions for FedEx, please leave a note on the most visible door. We can’t guarantee that all requests can be accommodated, so please check the tracking on your delivery date.

Q. Will FedEx knock on my door or place the package inside for me?
A. FedEx may not always knock or follow your specific requests. Please leave a note on your door with any special requests.

Q. What is the cut-off time for same day shipping?
A. The cut off-time for same day shipping is 7:30a.m. EST.

Q. How do I know what day my package will be delivered?
A. We ship packages in the order received. We generally ship the day after you order for delivery on the following day. You can review your order confirmation email which specifies the delivery date.

Q. How can I be sure my package has been shipped?
A. You will receive a tracking email and text notification the evening that the order is shipped. You can also track the order from within the link in your account.

Q. Can I have my package held for pick up at FedEx?
A. Yes. The location must specifically be a “FedEx Ship Center”. These are the only locations that hold live animals. During checkout you will be asked if you would like your order held at FedEx. If you select this option, a list of FedEx hold locations will pop up and you can choose the most convenient location. This is a great, free service which we highly recommend.

Q. Will FedEx contact me when my package is ready for pick up or has been delivered?
A. No. It is your responsibility to track the package. You can set yourself up for delivery notification by following the instructions on the FedEx website.

Q. What is the cost to ship to my zip code?
A. Shipping charges are the same for everyone except Alaska customers. See our shipping page for shipping costs in detail.

Q. Why is there a $14.99 packing charge on my order?
A. The $14.99 is a packaging charge and it applies to all orders. It pays for the styrofoam box, cardboard box, heating or cooling packs as required.

Q. What day’s do you ship/deliver on?
A. We ship Monday through Thursday for deliveries Tuesday through Friday.

Q. I won’t be home when my package is delivered. Is it okay for it to sit outside until I get home?
A. We suggest that you be home, have someone home, or ship the package to someone who can bring it inside. The guarantee starts when the package is delivered, so the sooner the marine life is acclimated, the better.


Q. My package just arrived and I have something that did not survive. What do I do?
A. If you have completed the acclimation process and have determined the item is not alive, please log into your account and submit a guarantee request form and upload a photo of the item out of the bag and out of water. You must complete the guarantee process up to the point where a claim number is issued for the guarantee to be activated, and the claim recorded. Please see the guarantee policy for detailed guarantee information. To access your guarantee request area, log in to your account and click on ‘my guarantee request’ and follow the prompts.

Q. The website is giving me errors and I am unable to submit the claim via the online form. What do I do?
A. If you are using a mobile device, it may not be supported by our system. Use a computer to submit the guarantee claim. If you are not able to submit the claim properly with photos attached, send an email to support@saltwaterfish.com immediately and include the photos for your claim. They MUST show items out of the bags and out of water.

Q. How long does it take for me to get money back for deceased items claimed within 5 hours of delivery?
A. It can take up to a week for the funds to be available on your end. The guarantee process takes a few days and then processing the refund takes banks a day or two.

Q. I’m supposed to have store credit for a claim I submitted after the 5 hour doa period. Where can I find my credit?
A. When you log into your account, the store credit balance will show front and center.  It will also show up during the checkout portion of your next order if any credits are available.

Q. I don’t plan to order any time soon. Can you refund the store credit I have?
A. No. Store credit is not transferable. It remains valid for 6 months.

Q. I would like to replace the items and use my store credit. How do I do that?
A. log into your account and fill your shopping cart. Input your desired store credit amount into discount link at checkout and the total of your purchase will be reduced by that amount. Shipping charges will still apply unless you remain over the $199 free shipping minimum, after the credit has been applied.

Q. Can I use my store credit and a promotion code?
A. Yes. Store credit can be used with a promotion code, however, the store credit does not count toward the promotion's marine life minimum purchase requirement.   Supplies and live rock/sand are excluded. Only one code may be used per order. Please see the promotion rules for details.

Q. My Promotional freebie item died. Is it covered by the guarantee?
A. No, Free items are not covered by the guarantee.

Q. My marine life item(S) are doa. Will you reship them to me for free?
A. We do not ship free replacements. You would have to finish the guarantee process and then reorder.

Q. Some of the marine life is missing in my tank. How do I submit a claim for guarantee?
A. We require a photo and claim submitted for each deceased item. No credits will be issued for items without a photo.

Q. My fish bullied and killed the new fish I bought. Do you issue credit for that?
A. We do not cover losses due to compatibility issues. Please research before ordering.

Q. One of my fish is almost dead and will surely die. Can I claim it now to receive the 5 hour refund?
A. The marine animals must be deceased to submit the claim and photo.

Q. The website says my credit is expired. Does it expire?
A. Yes. Store credit expires after 6 months.

Q. My spouse or friend has an account and we want to combine our credits and account rewards to order one big order. Can we do that?
A. No. Account information cannot be transferred. It may only be used by the account holder.


Q. I bought a supply item and it is the wrong size. How do I return it?
A. For supplies purchased through our partnership with Amazon, please refer to Amazon for instructions to return items. Regarding premium supply items shipped from our warehouse, only unopened, unused supply items may be returned at your expense for a full refund less the 15% restocking fee.  Email us at support@saltwaterfish.com to receive an RA (return authorization).

Q. I bought a gift certificate. Is it shipped to me or emailed to the recipient?
A. Gift certificates are emailed only. You may input your own email address or your intended recipients email address for email delivery.

Q. What is the best method of contact when I have a problem with ordering, shipping, tracking, or receiving?
A. The fastest way to reach us is by chatting via the link on the bottom right of our home page, emailing support@saltwaterfish.com, or by calling 772 462 0203.

Q. Do you sell fresh water fish and plants?
A. No. We sell salt water marine life only. Many of our supply items can be used for either fresh or salt water.

Q. Do you sell aquarium salt, salt water, glass or acrylic aquariums?
A. Yes.  Simply click through to the supplies area of your choice and see the broadest selection of quality marine supplies.

Q. Do you have a FaceBook page?
A. Yes. We have a Facebook Page where we share advice, info, and often have specials and contests.

Q. How can I find out about current specials and promotional offers?
A. Use the link on our home page and input your email address. You will then be the first to know about our bi-weekly specials and our pop-up promotional offers.

Q. Do you match prices of other online vendors?
A. No. Our prices are competitive and we are often running specials and promotions that in comparison, come out to a lower cost overall.

Q. Where can I get information on set up, maintenance, and compatibility.
A. Please see our Message Board by clicking the link at the bottom right of the home page under resources.  It has an endless amount of information for beginners to advanced level hobbyists. You can find DIY projects and product reviews. Members are chatting 24 hours a day and can help you when you need it.

Q. What hours are you available for customer support by phone or email?
A. Our customer service agents are available Monday-Friday from 8:00A.M.-9:00P.M. EST. Saturday 12:00P.M.-4:00P.M. EST, and Sunday 12:00P.M.-9:00P.M. EST.

Q. When do you update inventory with new stock?
A. We are constantly adding marine life to inventory, so every day something new may be available.

Q. What is The Deep Blue Seas Foundation?
A. The Deep Blue Seas Foundation is a non-profit foundation established by Saltwaterfish.com to provide scholarships to the children of the fishermen where our livestock is collected. Please see the link on our website for details and donation info.

Q. I’ve never ordered online. How do I know my information is safe?
A. We have a top rated secure server, we use the highest levels of encryption, and credit card information is not shared or visible even to us.

Q. I am trying to use PayPal and keep getting an error. What should I do?
A. Please contact PayPal directly. Your PayPal account information may have expired or other issues may be causing the error.

Q. Where does your marine life come from?
A.  Bali, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Caribbean, Sri Lanka and Hawaii among others. We also carry one of the largest selections of aquacultured marine life in the industry.

Q. What does Aqua-Cultured mean?
A. Some species are bred in captivity which means they are not wild caught. They are usually more adapted to aquarium life and easier to keep and potentially breed.

Q. How do I apply a store credit, discount code, or a gift certificate code?
A. Simply go to the bottom of the first checkout page and enter the promotion code of your choice into the coupon box. Gift certificates and credits would be applied in the same area at the bottom of the first page of checkout. Store credits apply to marine life purchases only and shipping charges are applied after all discounts are applied.

Q. How can I manage my email subscription?
A. If you would like to be removed from our email subscription, scroll to the bottom of the sale email and click the “unsubscribe” button.

Q. The item I received is significantly larger or smaller than the item description stated. What can be done?
A. If the item you received is significantly larger or smaller than the described size, please take a picture of the item out of water and next to a ruler. Send an email to support@saltwaterfish.com immediately and include the photo, order number and account name. We will be in contact asap with a resolution. Please understand that the sizes in the description are approximate.

Q. What does WYSIWYG mean?
A. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. It represents an area on our website where you can purchase the exact item you are seeing. Other areas of our site show a species representative stock photo.

Q. What is the appropriate salinity for my aquarium?
A. While salinity fluctuates in the ocean, yours should remain somewhere between 1.022ppt (parts per thousand) and 1.025ppt. This is a general rule assuming your aquarium contains marine life from different areas…

Q. Do you sell live rock by the pound?
A. We do not currently sell live rock by the pound. The amounts and types are preset and range from 12lb packs to 45-50 lb packs.

Q. Are there discounts for bulk orders of live rock?
A. There are no discounts for bulk orders of live rock. Live rock can be shipped in boxes with no greater weight than 50lbs each, and the shipping charges are specific to your zip code.

Q. What marine animals are compatible?
A. A brief description is noted for each marine animal when you click the details. If the answer you are looking for is not there, please reference our fish school or forum. Both are accessible from our home page. If expert advice is needed, please chat or provide a contact phone number and M-F between 8am and 4:00pm EST, we will have our marine animal expert call to discuss the animals in question.

Q. How do I change my account email address?
A. Log into your account and select security from the menu.  You can change your email address or password.  Contact support@saltwaterfish.com with your old and new account information and we will move over any accrued store credits.

Q. Can I make special requests for sizes, colors, shapes?
A.No.  We are unable to accommodate size, color, or shape requests.  If you are looking for something specific please shop in our WYSIWYG area.  If you are wanting something larger/smaller please purchase accordingly.  Fish do not vary much, however, corals can come in many colors per species.

Q. What foods should be fed to my marine animals?
A. Most small (carnivorous) fish eat frozen Mysis Shrimp and occasionally, live Brine Shrimp. Larger fish should be fed krill or pieces of fresh raw shrimp. Carnivorous fish can eat any kind of raw fresh seafood. Herbivorous fish should be fed a diet of Macro Algaes, and dried sheet Algae. There are many types and varieties of these foods.

Q. Why should I buy from Saltwaterfish.com?
A. Saltwaterfish.com is a leading retailer of marine aquarium fish, corals, invertebrates, aquarium supplies and live rock for the home aquarist. In fact, even though we do not market to this group, many pet stores and maintenance companies use our company because of the quality livestock and fair pricing.
We offer an 8 day guarantee on the marine life we sell and our inventory is in real time so you know the marine life you purchase is available, healthy and ready to ship. We ship using FedEx exclusively and are one of the largest overnight shippers of marine life,  so we have a special relationship with FedEx and can offer some of the most competitive shipping rates in the industry. We Ship Monday through Thursday, for overnight deliveries the next day. During the checkout process, you can choose to hold your order at a local FedEx location for no charge.

Our systems are highly automated and allow you manage your account online in your own private “My Account” area. This area is your exclusive area of the website and allows you to control every aspect of your account. From Waiting List items, to Guarantee Requests to Order Updates, you can do it all in your password protected area.

We also have one of the most extensive educational areas on the internet in our Saltwaterfish.com School. Here you can find information about the proper care and husbandry of this hobby we all love. There are videos on Saltwaterfish TV, Reviews, Acclimation Instructions and the Saltwaterfish message board. The message board alone is very active and has more than 3 million posts. You can find links to these areas on the home page of the Saltwaterfish.com website.

Saltwaterfish.com has also initiated our own Foundation. The Deep Blue Seas Foundation is a 501(C) (3) non-profit foundation established by Saltwaterfish.com to provide scholarships to the children of the fishermen who collect our fish overseas. We believe this is another way we can help further the hobby we all love… and connect with the amazing people who collect our fish overseas. Visit DeepBlueSeasFoundation.org or follow the link on the saltwaterfish.com home page for more details.

Our site is secure using the most advanced encryption available and the Strongest Secure Socket Layer protection. No one sees your actual credit card information when you enter it. Even we do not get access to this information.

You can reach our customer service management by emailing us at support@saltwaterfish.com

We carry live rock and can again sell higher quality at cheaper prices because of our shipping efficiencies.  We offer access to a complete line of essential marine aquarium supplies. We take great pride in the services we provide and strive constantly to continually improve our service.

We have been in business since 1999 and are the pioneers in providing high quality marine life via the internet and overnight shipping. We hope you give us a try.


Q. How do I acclimate the items I have ordered?
A. We use and suggest the slow drip method. It essentially is a slow exchange of water to combine the parameters of your tank and our water.

Q. Can I acclimate everything together?
A. Things that are compatible can be acclimated together.

Q. Some items were shipped without water. How do I acclimate them?
A. Things that are shipped without water, are to be floated and then drip acclimated.

Q. My snails, clams, and or anemone was shipped without water. Is that normal or okay?
A. Yes. We ship them without water so that they are not actively swimming in their own waste. They close themselves in for the duration of shipping and become active during drip acclimation.

Q. My marine life is floating, swimming sideways, upside down, or sitting on the bottom. What can I do to help it?
A. If you have already acclimated and introduced the animals to the aquarium, turn your aquarium lights off and try not to hover over the aquarium. Turn pumps and jets to minimum flow. The secret to success in this hobby is patience. Give your new arrivals time to get used to their new surroundings without added stimulus.

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