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Find an amazing selection of unique marine life at SaltWaterFish.com. From parrotfish to flounder, SaltWaterFish.com has the unique additions to make your tank truly special.This category has all of our unique marine life that doesn't quite fit into other categories. Here you can find oddball fish species to add to your tank and bring a touch of the oceans most unique creatures. These fish will definitely serve as conversation topics as they are not the usual run of the mill …

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Redtail Filefish

Pervagor melanocephalus

Sale Redtail Filefish

Leafy Filefish

Chaetodermis penicilligera

Sale Leafy Filefish

Banded Zebra Flounder

Zebrias fasciatus

Sale Banded Zebra Flounder

Fusilier: Assorted Color

Caesio sp.

Sale Fusilier: Assorted Color

Shrimp Fish

Aeoliscus strigatus

Sale Shrimp Fish

Red Emperor Snapper

Lutjanus sebae

Sale Red Emperor Snapper

Scrawled Blue Cowfish

Acanthostracion quadricornis

Sale Scrawled Blue Cowfish

Boston Bean Boxfish

Lactophrys sp.

Sale Boston Bean Boxfish

Cubicus Boxfish

Ostracion cubicus

Sale Cubicus Boxfish

Atlantic Filefish

Cantherhines sp.

Sale Atlantic Filefish

Flounder: Assorted - Eastern Asia

Bothus sp.

Sale Flounder: Assorted - Eastern Asia

Barred Flagtail

Kuhlia mugil

Sale Barred Flagtail

Stoplight Parrotfish - Atlantic

Scarus viride

Sale Stoplight Parrotfish - Atlantic

Short Dragonfish

Eurypegasus draconis

Sale Short Dragonfish

2 Line Monocle Bream - South Pacific

Scolopsis bilineatus

Sale 2 Line Monocle Bream - South Pacific

Saltwater Sailfin Molly :Male - Red Sea

Poecilia latipinna

Sale Saltwater Sailfin Molly :Male - Red Sea

Coral Catfish - Venomous

Plotosus lineatus

Sale Coral Catfish - Venomous

French Grunt

Haemulon flavolineatus

Sale French Grunt

Yellow Stripe Whiptail Bream

Pentapodus emeryii

Sale Yellow Stripe Whiptail Bream

Jackknife Fish

Equeus lanceolatus

Sale Jackknife Fish

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