Anthias For Sale

 Anthias are a peaceful community fish. They are usually seen swimming in large groups amongst coral reefs and live rock.  Anthias are not shy in nature and are easily one of the most sought after fish due to their very visible presence.  Groups of Anthias are generally comprised of one male and multiple females.  Anthias are full of energy and require a diet high in protein such as Mysis Shrimp or other meaty seafoods.  Due to their excess of energy, …

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Ignitus Anthias - South Asia

Nemanthias ignitus

Sale Ignitus Anthias - South Asia

Purple Queen Anthias

Mirolabrichthys tuka

Sale Purple Queen Anthias

Pink Square Anthias Male & Female

Pseudoanthias pleurotaenia

Sale Pink Square Anthias Male & Female

Evansi Anthias

Mirolabrichthys evansi

Sale Evansi Anthias

Bimaculatus Anthias

Pseudanthias bimaculatus

Sale Bimaculatus Anthias

Bartlett's Anthias

Nemanthias bartlettorum

Sale Bartlett's Anthias

Waitei (Sherbert) Anthias - Marshall Island

Luzonichthys waitei

Sale Waitei (Sherbert) Anthias - Marshall Island

Borbonius (Blotchy) Anthias

Odontanthias borbonius

Sale Borbonius (Blotchy) Anthias

Resplendent Anthias

Pseudanthias pulcherrimus

Sale Resplendent Anthias

Princess Anthias

Pyronotanthias smithvanizi

Sale Princess Anthias

Amethyst Anthias

Mirolabrichthys pascalus

Sale Amethyst Anthias

Dispar Anthias

Nemanthias dispar

Sale Dispar Anthias

Randalli Anthias

Pseudanthias randalli

Sale Randalli Anthias

Sunburst Anthias

Serranocirrhitus latus

Sale Sunburst Anthias

Bicolor Anthias - South Asia

Nemanthias bicolor

Sale Bicolor Anthias - South Asia

Sunset Anthias - South Asia

Pseudanthias parvirostris

Sale Sunset Anthias - South Asia

Pictilis Anthias

Pseudanthias pictilis

Sale Pictilis Anthias

Tiger Queen Anthias

Pyronotanthias lori cf.

Sale Tiger Queen Anthias

Red Belted Anthias

Pseudanthis Rybrizonatus

Sale Red Belted Anthias

Ventralis Anthias

Compsanthias ventralis

Sale Ventralis Anthias

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