Triggers For Sale

Triggerfish are vibrant and distinctive saltwater fish known for their unique appearance and behavior. In captivity, triggerfish can vary in size depending on the species, with some reaching lengths of up to 20 inches or more. Despite their small to medium size, they possess a feisty temperament, often displaying aggression towards tankmates and occasionally even challenging their keepers with their territorial nature. Nevertheless, with proper care and a suitable environment, triggerfish can thrive and add an intriguing element to marine … Read more

Bursa Trigger

Rhinecanthus verrucosus

Sale Bursa Trigger

Rectangular Trigger

Rhinecanthus rectangulus

Sale Rectangular Trigger

Sargassum Trigger

Xanthicthys ringens

Sale Sargassum Trigger

Boomerang Trigger

Sufflamen bursa

Sale Boomerang Trigger

Linespot Trigger

Xanthichthys lineopunctatus

Sale Linespot Trigger

Clown Trigger

Balistoides conspicillum

Sale Clown Trigger

Blue Line Trigger

Pseudobalistes fuscus

Sale Blue Line Trigger

Gold Heart Trigger - Atlantic

Balistes punctatus

Sale Gold Heart Trigger - Atlantic

Black Trigger - South Asia

Melichthys niger

Sale Black Trigger - South Asia

Niger Trigger

Odonus niger

Sale Niger Trigger

Pinktail Trigger

Melichthys vidua

Sale Pinktail Trigger

Undulated Trigger

Balistapus undulatus

Sale Undulated Trigger

Crosshatch Trigger: Male

Xanthichthys mento

Sale Crosshatch Trigger: Male

Indian Trigger

Melichthys indicus

Sale Indian Trigger

Halfmoon (White Tip) Trigger

Sufflamen chrysopterum

Sale Halfmoon (White Tip) Trigger

Halfmoon Lunula Trigger

Rhinecanthus lunula

Sale Halfmoon Lunula Trigger

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