Seahorses and Pipefish are amazing creatures that exude elegance.   Seahorses are best suited for a very slow moving environment with plenty of plants, gorgonians, or other things to allow them to hold on while awaiting their next meal.  Moving very slowly with a flexible tail and hovering steady with small fins, the Seahorse will search for small shrimp and invertebrates floating in the water column.  These incredible animals prefer the company of other Seahorses, so you can see them thrive in small groups.

Many Banded Pipefish

doryrhamphos multiannulators

Sale Many Banded Pipefish

Erectus Seahorse - Captive Bred

Hippocampus erectus

Sale Erectus Seahorse - Captive Bred

Janss' Pipefish

Doryrhamphus janssi

Sale Janss' Pipefish

Whites Seahorse - Indo Pacific

Hippocampus whitei

Sale Whites Seahorse - Indo Pacific

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Solenostomus paradoxus

Sale Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Gulf Pipefish

Syngnathus scovelli

Sale Gulf Pipefish

Yellow Banded Pipefish - Indo Pacific

Doryrhamphus pessuliferus

Sale Yellow Banded Pipefish - Indo Pacific

Dwarf Seahorse

Hippocampus zosterae

Sale Dwarf Seahorse

Tiger Snout Seahorse - Australia

Hippocampus subelongatus

Sale Tiger Snout Seahorse - Australia

Estuary Seahorse: Black

Hippocampus kuda

Sale Estuary Seahorse: Black

Pot-Bellied Seahorse: Male

Hippocampus abdominalis

Sale Pot-Bellied Seahorse: Male

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