Returns & Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If within 5 hours of FedEx delivery you report via the online guarantee request system that your marine life did not survive, will refund the purchase price of the deceased item, provided you fill out the guarantee request form in your account and upload a photo through the provided photo up-loader. Photos must show a clear picture of the dead animal on a white background, out of the bag, and showing a hand written date of receiving.

8 Day Guarantee is happy to offer you an 8 day live guarantee on your marine life purchases!  If your marine life does not survive 8 days after delivery, will issue you a store credit for a future marine life purchase, provided you fill out the guarantee request form in your account and upload a photo through the provided photo up-loader.  Photos must show a clear picture of the dead animal on a white background, out of the bag, and showing a hand written date of receiving.  Store credit is not cash, can only be used for marine life purchases, and does not count towards reduced shipping charges or promotion minimums.  Accounts and store credit can be refused and removed by at its sole discretion. Store credit is for marine life only and expires 6 months after issue.  Items designated as Expert Only are excluded from the 8 day live guarantee.
Phone messages and emails cannot be accepted for money back or store credit claims.  You must use the automated guarantee request system via the My Account page.  The online guarantee request system is our sole method to track and record all guarantee request claims.  This system allows us to credit your account most efficiently and creates a database so we can analyze trends to improve species selection and shipping techniques for future orders.  Some smartphones cannot access the guarantee request system.  If this is the case for you, please submit your claim using a computer.  A claim is not considered submitted until the guarantee request is made and a picture is provided.  Once submitted, you will receive a guarantee claim number for your reference.  We appreciate your support and cooperation. reserves the right to reship at our sole discretion. Shipping and box charges are not covered by either guarantee and are not refunded.

When you place your order, it is billed and cancellations are not allowed.  We have taken the purchased animal out of our inventory and reserved it for you.  If you decide for any reason that you want to cancel, we will charge a 20% restocking fee.

How Do I Make a Guarantee Request?

The process is the same for refund or store credit:

  1. Take a clear picture of the livestock in question on a white background, out of the bag, and showing a hand written date of receiving.
  2. Go to  My Account at the top of the website.  Login to your account, then click "My Guarantee Requests".  You will see the appropriate order number and tracking will also have an option to submit an RMA.
  3. Fill out the RMA form and upload the picture using the automated system (it must be within 5 hours of delivery for refund or 8 days post delivery for store credit). Guarantee requests that do not have photos attached at time of submission will not be processed.  You will receive a guarantee claim number for your reference.
  4. We will review your submission and issue the appropriate refund or credit usually within 3 business days and you will receive an email when that occurs. Please note that we do not re-issue credits for product purchased with store credit. If you place an order that is paid for using both store credits and cash, the system will calculate the percentage of the Marine Life order that was purchased with cash and apply that percentage for any animals that do not live during the 8 day guarantee. For instance, if a $100 Marine Life purchase is made with $90 cash and a $10 credit, you will be entitled to 90% of the value of any livestock that does not stay alive during the 8 day guarantee period in store credit. We apologize in advance that we do not re-issue store credits. 
We have every confidence that our live goods will thrive in your system if they are provided the proper saltwater environment, including: water chemistry, compatibility, and tank setup, all of which are the hobbyist's responsibility.  We reserve the right to request the actual animal be returned to our facility and request a water sample.  Deaths due to compatibility, jumping out of tank, and system failures, are not covered under the guarantee.

What about sizes, photos, and descriptions?

All images, pictures and descriptions are generalizations and cannot be exact representations.  We may choose an item that is a size up or down based on the best available inventory unless an order note is made stating "Exact size only".

What About Bundled Products?

If part of a bundled product dies, we will credit you a prorated amount of the price. Bundled products include such items as Reef Packages, Clean Up Crews, and other products that are made of more than one product / qty.

What About Free Items?

Free items do not have any guarantee.

How Do I Use My Credits?

Your store credit will be kept in your individual account area of the site. On your next purchase, the system will inform you of any credits you have available.  If you choose to use them, simply go to the Store Credit/Coupon area of checkout and follow the prompts. Store credit applies to marine life orders only and does not include the cost of shipping. Store credit can be used with promotional offers but it does not count towards the promotional minimum purchase requirement.   And remember, your credit expires 6 months after your original purchase date.

What About Aquarium Supplies?

We cannot accept any aquarium supply returns on anything that has been opened or used. If your item is defective, e-mail us at for further instruction.  Shipping is not refunded.

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