Panamic Fanged Blenny

Ophioblennius steindachneri

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Panamic Fanged Blenny

Panamic Fanged Blenny

Ophioblennius steindachneri

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Panamic Fanged Blenny Care Facts

Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Herbivore
Origin: Eastern Pacific Ocean
Acclimation Time: 2+ hours
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallon
Max Size: 7 inches

The Panamic Fanged Blenny (Ophioblennius steindachneri) is also known as the Large Banded Blenny. It is a type of combtooth blenny found among reefs in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Juveniles have a darker coloration, while adults can have an olive body with red marking along their face. They can be territorial, and may attack passing fish to defend their homes. They graze on algae and small invertebrates during the day. They can reach 7 inches in length and should have a significant amount of liverock to hide among and call home.    

Panamic Fanged Blenny (Ophioblennius steindachneri) - A Captivating Addition to Your Saltwater Marine Aquarium

The Panamic Fanged Blenny (Ophioblennius steindachneri) is a captivating and highly sought-after species for marine aquarium enthusiasts. This distinctive blenny, native to the Eastern Pacific, offers a unique addition to your underwater ecosystem. This comprehensive product description will cover all aspects of keeping the Panamic Fanged Blenny, from its habitat and compatibility to tank requirements and water conditions.


Habitat of the Panamic Fanged Blenny:


The Panamic Fanged Blenny, Ophioblennius steindachneri, is commonly found in the Eastern Pacific Ocean's rocky coastal areas and coral reefs. Its natural habitat comprises crevices and rocky substrates, where it seeks refuge and hunts for food. To mimic its natural environment, provide plenty of live rock with crevices and hiding spots in your aquarium.


Reef Compatibility of Panamic Fanged Blenny:


The Panamic Fanged Blenny is considered reef-safe, making it an excellent addition to reef aquariums. Unlike some other blenny species, they are less likely to nip at corals or disturb the delicate balance of your reef tank.


Size and Lifespan of Panamic Fanged Blenny:


These blennies are relatively small, typically reaching a maximum size of around 4 inches (10 centimeters). They have a moderate lifespan, living up to 5-7 years when kept in appropriate conditions and cared for properly.


Diet in Captivity:


Panamic Fanged Blennies are omnivorous and require a diverse diet to thrive in captivity. Offer them a mix of high-quality pellets, frozen foods, and live foods such as brine shrimp and small zooplankton. Providing a balanced diet will ensure their health and vibrancy.


Aquaculture and Availability:


While the Panamic Fanged Blenny is less commonly aquacultured than other marine species, it is available to hobbyists through reputable suppliers like Careful selection of healthy specimens ensures their successful acclimation to your aquarium.


Compatibility with Other Fish and Invertebrates:


Panamic Fanged Blennies are generally peaceful but can become territorial, especially towards other blennies and similar-looking fish. It's advisable to provide enough hiding places and territories for them to establish their space. Compatible tank mates include:

  • Firefish (Nemateleotris spp.): Firefish are known for their vibrant colors and peaceful nature, making them excellent companions for Panamic Fanged Blennies.
  • Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto): These small, colorful fish are peaceful and coexist well with the blenny.
  • Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni): This striking cardinalfish is a good choice for peaceful community aquariums.
  • Clownfish (Amphiprion spp.): Clownfish are iconic and work well with the blenny due to their territorial nature, but compatibility can vary depending on individual fish.
  • Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis): These invertebrates help maintain water quality and can be a helpful addition to your tank.

Sexual Dimorphism:


Sexual dimorphism in Panamic Fanged Blennies is not readily apparent, as males and females share similar physical characteristics and coloration.


Juvenile to Adult Coloration Changes:


Juvenile Panamic Fanged Blennies typically display a subdued coloration, often a blend of gray, brown, or mottled patterns that aid in their camouflage. Their coloration may intensify as they mature, showcasing vibrant shades of blue, yellow, and black.




These blennies are known for their curious and active behavior. While they may establish territories, they are generally peaceful and spend a reasonable amount of time exploring their surroundings.


Tank Requirements for Panamic Fanged Blenny:


To provide the best environment for your Panamic Fanged Blenny, consider the following tank requirements:

  • Minimum Aquarium Size: A tank with 55 gallons or more capacity is suitable for a single Panamic Fanged Blenny. Larger tanks allow more hiding spaces and accommodate multiple blennies or additional tank mates.
  • Water Conditions:       
    • pH: Maintain a stable pH level between 8.1 and 8.4.
    • Salinity: Keep the salinity in the range of 1.023-1.026 to replicate their natural seawater conditions.
    • Water Temperature: Maintain a temperature of 74-78°F (23-26°C) to ensure the comfort and health of your blenny.
    • Water Flow: Provide moderate water flow, as found in their natural habitat, to facilitate gas exchange and maintain overall tank health.

Common Names:


The Panamic Fanged Blenny may also be known by names such as Steindachner's Blenny or Panamic Blenny.


Why Choose is your trusted source for acquiring a healthy and vibrant Panamic Fanged Blenny for your marine aquarium. We take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. When you choose, you can expect:

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In conclusion, the Panamic Fanged Blenny (Ophioblennius steindachneri) is an attractive and intriguing addition to your saltwater marine aquarium. With the proper care, tank setup, and compatible tank mates, you can enjoy this species's captivating behavior and striking coloration for years to come. Explore the world of marine life with the Panamic Fanged Blenny, available at

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