Blonde Naso Tang

Naso elegans

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Blonde Naso Tang

Blonde Naso Tang

Naso elegans

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Blonde Naso Tang Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Origin: Indo Pacific
Acclimation Time: 3+ Hours
Reef Safe: Yes
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 130 Gallons

The Blonde Naso Tang, Naso elegans, also known as the Elegant Tang or the Orangespine Unicornfish, due to the pair of spines surrounded by a bright orange area on either side of the caudal peduncle. Featuring an elongated body shape with a narrow caudal peduncle that distinguish this genus from other Acanthurids. Unlike other Unicornfish however, they do not develop a protruding horn. Their body is a grayish brown color with a bright yellow line running from the back of the mouth up to the eye. The snout and in front of this line is black, and the lips are and orange color, making it look like they have lipstick on. Just above the eyes, there is a pale yellow color stripe that continues back on to the dorsal fin and continues along the entire length of the spine to the tail. Just below this yellow stripe is a narrow black stripe highlighted with a bold white stripe, with the ventral and anal fins being a dusky color. All three of these fins are thinly edged in white on the outer margin. For Males, the caudal fin develops beautiful elongated filaments or streamers from each corner when mature. Like all Naso species, they have the ability to quickly and dramatically change, depending on mood or environment. When excited or hiding in the reef their body can become almost black with gray splotchy patches.

The Blonde Naso Tang  likes water with a moderate to heavy flow, creating currents to swim in. Being very active during the day, they require a large tank with plenty of open room to swim about while also providing plenty of live rocks and or Corals to offer some cover if frightened, and to sleep in at night. Lush natural algae growth in the tank is suggested in order for the Tang to be able to graze upon in between meals. They may also jump out of an open aquarium, so be sure to have a tightly fitting lid.

Being a peaceful fish in nature, it will get along with most other peaceful tank mates. Though it can be kept with a variety of tank mates this species has been known to become aggressive towards other Surgeonfish, especially those of its own genus, it is best to to keep only one Blonde Naso Tang per system. 

 Their diet should consist of natural algae, as well as prepared frozen formulas containing algae or spirulina. Japanese Nori or other seaweed can be offered by attaching it with a vegetable clip to a rock or the glass. Vitamin enriched frozen brine and mysis shrimp should also be offered to help with a balanced diet. Live rock with heavy algae growth is ideal, as it will allow the Tang to scrape it teeth along the rock. 

Discovering the Blonde Naso Tang: A Captivating Gem for Your Marine Aquarium

Introducing the captivating and exquisite Blonde Naso Tang (Naso elegans), a prized addition to any saltwater marine aquarium. This majestic fish, renowned for its striking appearance and fascinating behavior, promises to be a centerpiece in any well-maintained aquarium setup. With its unique characteristics and compatibility, the Blonde Naso Tang has garnered attention from seasoned aquarists and enthusiasts, venturing into the captivating world of marine fish.

Habitat and Compatibility of the Blonde Naso Tang: A Journey through Coral-Rich Waters

Originating from the warm waters of the Indo-Pacific, the Blonde Naso Tang is often found in coral-rich environments and along rocky coastlines. Its natural habitat provides insight into its compatibility with reef tanks. While generally considered reef safe, cautious observation is recommended when housing this species with delicate corals, as occasional nipping behavior has been noted. However, it is known to thrive with various corals and other marine organisms.

Blonde Naso Tang Size and Lifespan: Majestic Elegance

The Blonde Naso Tang is a notably large species, growing up to 16 inches long. Its elongated and laterally compressed body showcases a vibrant yellow dorsal fin, a defining feature that lends the fish its "blonde" moniker. This species can live for over 20 years with proper care and a suitable environment, making it a long-term commitment for dedicated aquarists.

Diet in Captivity: Nourishing the Vibrant Beauty of the Blonde Naso Tang

Maintaining the health and vibrancy of the Blonde Naso Tang in captivity hinges on a balanced and varied diet. This species is predominantly herbivorous, requiring a diet rich in algae and plant-based matter. Providing a mix of high-quality marine pellets, frozen foods, and fresh vegetables such as seaweed and spinach will cater to its nutritional needs, preventing malnutrition and ensuring its well-being.

Aquaculture and Availability: A Future of Sustainability for the Blonde Naso Tang

Aquarists will be pleased to know that the Blonde Naso Tang is beginning to show success in aquaculture. Although it is yet to be commercially available, progress is being made. In the meantime, look for sustainably collected wild-caught specimens. proudly supports these efforts, ensuring hobbyists can procure responsibly sourced Blonde Naso Tangs.

Blonde Naso Tang Compatibility and Temperament: Tranquil Majesty

The Blonde Naso Tang boasts a generally peaceful demeanor, making it an ideal candidate for community tanks. However, due to its territorial tendencies, it's advisable to provide ample swimming space and suitable hiding spots to alleviate potential conflicts. Selecting tank mates who share their docile nature and can withstand its occasional assertiveness will promote a harmonious environment.

Tank Requirements for the Blonde Naso Tang: Creating a Majestic Haven

Creating an optimal environment for the Blonde Naso Tang necessitates meticulous attention to tank specifications. A spacious aquarium of no less than 180 gallons is essential to accommodate its substantial size and swimming habits. Water conditions play a pivotal role in its well-being. Maintaining a pH level between 8.1 and 8.4, salinity at 1.020-1.025, and a consistent temperature of 75-82°F (24-28°C) mirrors its natural habitat.

Common Names and Compatible Tank Mates for the Blonde Naso Tang: A World of Diversity

Why Choose the Blonde Naso Tang from

Why Choose the Blonde Naso Tang from is a beacon of quality and trustworthiness within the marine aquarium community. When acquiring a Blonde Naso Tang from, you're not merely obtaining a stunning fish but investing in a piece of aquatic artistry. The company's commitment to sustainable practices throughout collection through shipping ensures that each fish is healthy, acclimated, and ready to thrive in your aquarium. With a wide range of resources and customer support, provides a seamless journey towards nurturing and enjoying the captivating beauty of the Blonde Naso Tang.

The Blonde Naso Tang (Naso elegans) is a captivating marine species that promises to enrich any saltwater aquarium. Its vibrant appearance, compatibility, and unique behavior make it a sought-after addition among marine enthusiasts. Aquarists can relish witnessing the Blonde Naso Tang flourish within their aquarium by adhering to its specific requirements and considering its needs.

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