Ternate Chromis

Neopomacentrus ternatensis

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Ternate Chromis

Ternate Chromis

Neopomacentrus ternatensis

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Ternate Chromis Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons
Max Size: 4 inches

The Ternate Chomis or Neopomacentrus ternatensis is a small fish species that can grow up to 4 inches in length. Its body is oval-shaped and has a grey/brown coloration with no distinctive markings, except for a scissor-tail with black margins and a black bar on the eye. This fish species is commonly found in large schools above staghorn coral in coral reef habitats at depths ranging from 1-36m. Overall, the Chromis ternatensis is an interesting and beautiful fish species that is commonly found in coral reef habitats. Its small size and schooling behavior make it a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts. It has a peaceful demeanor and should be fed a diet of brine. mysis shrimp, and other meaty saltwater foods.


The Ternate Chromis: A Captivating Addition to Saltwater Aquariums

The Ternate Chromis (Neopomacentrus ternatensis), also known as the Ternate Damselfish, is a captivating addition to saltwater aquariums. Its vibrant colors and lively personality bring a dynamic presence to any marine environment. Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding and caring for this species in your saltwater aquarium:

Habitat of the Ternate Chromis

The Ternate Chromis is native to the Indo-Pacific region and is mainly found around coral reefs and rocky areas. In the wild, they inhabit shallow coastal waters, often forming large schools for protection against predators.

Reef Compatibility of the Ternate Chromis

Considered reef safe, the Ternate Chromis won't harm corals or other invertebrates. Its small size and peaceful nature make it an ideal addition to a reef aquarium.

Size and Lifespan of the Ternate Chromis

This species typically grows up to 3 inches (7.5 cm) in length and lasts 5 to 7 years in captivity, given proper care and a suitable environment.

Diet of the Ternate Chromis in Captivity

Ternate Chromis are omnivores, feeding on a varied diet of live, frozen, and prepared foods. Offer a mix of high-quality flakes, pellets, frozen mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, and algae-based foods to meet their nutritional needs.

Aquaculture Availability of the Ternate Chromis

While wild-caught specimens were once common, many Ternate Chromis available in the hobby are now aquacultured. This sustainable practice ensures healthier and more resilient specimens for hobbyists.

Compatibility of the Ternate Chromis

Ternate Chromis are peaceful fish, making them compatible with many tankmates. However, avoid keeping them with aggressive species or large predators that may intimidate or harm them.

Sexual Dimorphism of the Ternate Chromis

There's minimal sexual dimorphism in Ternate Chromis, making it challenging to distinguish between males and females based on physical characteristics alone.

Juvenile to Adult Coloration Changes of the Ternate Chromis

Juvenile Ternate Chromis display vibrant blue and yellow coloration, which may intensify as they mature. However, individual coloration can vary based on diet, environment, and genetics.

Temperament of the Ternate Chromis

Ternate Chromis are known for their peaceful temperament, making them an excellent choice for community aquariums. They thrive in the company of their species or other peaceful fish.

Tank Requirements for the Ternate Chromis

  • Provide a minimum aquarium size of 20 gallons (75 liters) for a small group of Ternate Chromis.
  • Ensure ample hiding places among live rock structures and open swimming spaces.
  • Maintain stable water parameters to support their health and well-being.

Water Conditions for the Ternate Chromis

Water parameters should be maintained within the following ranges:

  • pH: 8.1 to 8.4
  • Salinity: 1.020 to 1.025
  • Water Temperature: 74°F to 80°F (23°C to 27°C)
  • Water Flow: Moderate to high flow to mimic their natural habitat and ensure proper oxygenation.

Other Common Names for the Ternate Chromis

Ternate Damselfish, Ternate Blue Chromis, Blue Damselfish

Five Compatible Tank Mates for the Ternate Chromis

Why Choose Ternate Chromis from Saltwaterfish.com

At Saltwaterfish.com, we prioritize the health and quality of our marine fish. Our Ternate Chromis are carefully selected from reputable aquaculture facilities, ensuring they are disease-free and acclimated to aquarium life. With our extensive experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust Saltwaterfish.com to provide vibrant and robust Ternate Chromis for your saltwater aquarium.

In conclusion, the Ternate Chromis is a delightful addition to saltwater aquariums, bringing beauty, vitality, and peacefulness to any marine setup. This species thrives in captivity with proper care and consideration, rewarding aquarists with its stunning appearance and engaging behavior.

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