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Regal Angelfish - Melanesia

Pygoplites diacanthus

(1 Reviews)

Regal Angelfish - Melanesia

Expert Only

Regal Angelfish - Melanesia

Pygoplites diacanthus

(1 Reviews)

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Regal Angelfish - Melanesia Care Facts

Care Level: Expert
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Diet: Omnivore
Reef Safe: No
Minimum Tank Size: 120 gallons
Max Size: 10 inches
The Regal Angelfish, Pygoplites diacanthus, also known as the Royal Angelfish or Royal Empress Angel, features a beautiful display of colors and stripes. Its body is a mosaic of orange, silver and blue with a bright yellow tail with electric blue markings on the face and blue and orange striping on the fins. Like many large Angelfish their appearance will change dramatically from the juvenile to adult stage. Due to aggression towards other Angelfish they are best kept singly but will do well with other larger fish.

They are not reef safe, as they will nip at soft and stony polyp corals, sessile invertebrates and clam mantles. Diet should include a variety of spirulina, marine algae, high quality angelfish preparations, mysis and brine shrimp, 3 times daily.

The Regal Angelfish (Pygoplites diacanthus): A Beautiful yet Delicate Addition for Saltwater Marine Aquariums

What Reef and Habitat is Preferred By the Regal Angelfish

The Regal Angelfish finds its sanctuary amidst coral-rich habitats and rocky formations, where its vibrant colors and regal presence become an integral part of the marine landscape. However, they may nip at coral polyps and ornamental invertebrates, making them not considered reef safe.

How the Regal Angelfish Changes Colors Into Adulthood

From their juvenile phase, characterized by deep blue bodies adorned with electric blue and white stripes, to their striking adult form boasting a radiant yellow body and blue accents, the Regal Angelfish is a true marvel of transformation.

Lifespan of the Regal Angelfish

The Regal Angelfish achieves an impressive size of approximately 10 inches and can live up to 15 years, signifying a commitment to nurturing a captivating and enduring presence within your professional marine setup.

The Diet of the Regal Angelfish in Your Aquarium

Emulating its natural diet is essential for the health and vibrancy of the Regal Angelfish. In captivity, offer a balanced and diverse diet, including high-quality marine-based pellets, enriched frozen foods, and live or frozen marine algae offerings.

Aquaculture and Availability of the Regal Angelfish

Efforts to aquaculture the Regal Angelfish are limited, with most individuals available for enthusiasts sourced from the wild. Choose suppliers adhering to ethical collection practices and responsible handling.

Compatibility with Other Fish and Invertebrates

Due to their occasionally aggressive behavior and territorial tendencies, select resilient companions that can coexist with the Regal Angelfish.

Temperament and Tank Requirements

A spacious tank with a minimum capacity of 120 gallons is recommended to ensure the well-being of the Regal Angelfish. Expert-level aquarist skills are necessary for their proper care.

Compatible Tank Mates With the Regal Angelfish

Select species that share a similar size and disposition as suitable tank mates, including the Emperor Angelfish, the Naso Tang, the Blueface Angelfish, Tangs, and the Powder Blue Tang.

Other Common Names

The Regal Angelfish may also be recognized as the Royal Angelfish and the Royal Empress Angelfish.

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