Potters Wrasse

Potters Wrasse

Macropharyngodon geoffroyi

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Care Facts

Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Carnivore
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 70 Gallons
Max Size: 5 inches
Potter's Wrasse, Macropharyngodon geoffroyi, is also known as Geoffroy's Wrasse, Potter's Leopard Wrasse, or the Shortnose Wrasse. Potter's Wrasse has a light orange colored body with blue accents. Potter's. They are best kept in tanks with ample amounts of rock work for them to hide in and at least two inches of soft sandy substrate. Tanks should also have a securely shut lid to prevent escapes. Multiple Potter's Wrasses can  be in  the same tank. This is best done with multiple females and one male. 

This is a great Potters Wrasse who showed up healthy and happy. He was shy at first in my quarantine tank but after moving him over to the main tank he has been quite the showman. Beautiful fish to add to a reef tank.

Reviewed by: James Thompson on Dec. 31, 2021

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