Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish: Venomous

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish: Venomous

Dendrochirus brachypterus

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Care Facts

Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore
Reef Safe: No
Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons
Max Size: 7 inches
The Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish, Dendrochirus brachypterus, also known as the Dwarf Lionfish, Shortfin Turkeyfish or Shortfin Lionfish, features a beautifully striped body with typical lionfish frills and fins designed to blend in with its surroundings. Though it is a slow swimmer, it is still capable of any organism that fits into its mouth, so be very careful when deciding what tank mates to put with it. The Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish is often a solitary animal and should really be kept in a tank with other aggressive fishes. They thrive with plenty of live rock hiding places. The Fuzzy Dwarf Lion is venomous. Some of the spines on its dorsal fin can inflict irritation similar to a bee's sting if handled, so be very careful. Feeding the Fuzzy Dwarf Lion should not be done by hand. They will eat live and frozen meaty foods including shrimp, clams, scallops, fish, and krill. The Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish has actually been said to be responsive to its owners which can add another dimension of fun and connectivity to caring for it. 

This is one of my favorite fish. This fish will recognize his owner. He’s so sweet and loves feeder shrimp.

Reviewed by: Sonya on Jan. 24, 2021

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