Fu Manchu Lionfish - Venomous

Dendrochirus biocellatus

(1 Reviews)

Fu Manchu Lionfish - Venomous

Fu Manchu Lionfish - Venomous

Dendrochirus biocellatus

(1 Reviews)

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Fu Manchu Lionfish - Venomous Care Facts

Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore
Reef Safe: No
Minimum Tank Size: 40 gallons
Max Size: 5 inches
The Fu Manchu Lionfish, Dendrochirus biocellatus, also known as the Twinspot Lionfish or Ocellated Lionfish, features red, white, and black vertical striping, large, fan-like pectoral fins, and tall dorsal spines. Unlike other Lionfish, the Fu Manchu Lion has two, feeler appendages on its chin resembling a Fu Manchu mustache. 
The Fu Manchu Lion requires a tank of 50 gallons or more, plenty of live rock hiding places, and be fed a carnivorous diet consisting of live feeder shrimp to first acclimate it to the tank. It will eat small inverts in the tank so be careful with its pairing. Be careful when handling or transporting this fish as its spines are venomous and can sting. 

Fu Manchu Lionfish Care Guide

The Fu Manchu Lionfish (Dendrochirus biocellatus), also known as the Ocellated Lionfish or Twinspot Lionfish, is a captivating species often sought by marine aquarium enthusiasts. Below is a comprehensive guide covering various aspects of keeping this species in a saltwater marine aquarium.

Habitat of the Fu Manchu Lionfish

Fu Manchu Lionfish are native to the Indo-Pacific region, specifically found in coral reefs and rocky areas with plenty of hiding spots. They typically inhabit depths ranging from 1 to 50 meters.

Reef Compatibility of the Fu Manchu Lionfish

Due to their predatory nature, Fu Manchu Lionfish are not considered reef-safe. They may prey on smaller fish and ornamental crustaceans typically found in reef environments.

Size and Lifespan of the Fu Manchu Lionfish

These lionfish can grow up to 5 inches in length, with males generally smaller than females. In captivity, they have a lifespan of around ten years if provided with proper care.

Diet of the Fu Manchu Lionfish in Captivity

Fu Manchu Lionfish are carnivores, feeding primarily on live prey such as small fish, shrimp, and other meaty foods. In captivity, they readily accept a diet of frozen shrimp, krill, squid, and other marine-based foods.

Aquaculture and Availability of the Fu Manchu Lionfish

While Fu Manchu Lionfish are less commonly aquacultured than some other species, they are occasionally available to hobbyists through reputable suppliers and breeders.

Compatibility of the Fu Manchu Lionfish with Tank Mates

When considering tank mates for Fu Manchu Lionfish, it's crucial to choose species that are of similar size and can withstand their predatory behavior. Suitable tank mates may include:

Sexual Dimorphism of the Fu Manchu Lionfish

Sexual dimorphism in Fu Manchu Lionfish is not easily discernible without close examination. However, females tend to be slightly larger and broader than males.

Juvenile to Adult Coloration Changes in the Fu Manchu Lionfish

Juvenile Fu Manchu Lionfish typically exhibit a vibrant yellow or orange coloration with distinct black and white bands. Their coloration may darken as they mature, with the bands becoming less pronounced.

Temperament of the Fu Manchu Lionfish

Fu Manchu Lionfish are generally peaceful but can become aggressive towards smaller tank mates they perceive as prey. They are solitary by nature and may exhibit territorial behavior if kept with conspecifics or similar-looking species.

Tank Requirements for the Fu Manchu Lionfish

Minimum Aquarium Size: A tank size of at least 40 gallons is recommended for a single Fu Manchu Lionfish. Larger tanks are preferable for multiple specimens or if housing with other fish.
Water Conditions:

  • pH: 8.1-8.4
  • Salinity: 1.020-1.025
  • Water Temperature: 72-78°F (22-26°C)
  • Water Flow: Moderate to high flow is beneficial to mimic their natural habitat conditions.

Why Purchase the Fu Manchu Lionfish from Saltwaterfish.com

Saltwaterfish.com offers a reputable source for marine aquarium livestock, ensuring that the Fu Manchu Lionfish you purchase are healthy, sustainably sourced, and acclimated to captive conditions. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Saltwaterfish.com provides reliable shipping and excellent customer support to assist hobbyists in successfully caring for their aquatic pets.

In conclusion, the Fu Man Chu Lionfish is a stunning addition to saltwater marine aquariums, captivating enthusiasts with its unique appearance and fascinating behavior. By adhering to proper husbandry practices and providing suitable tank conditions, hobbyists can enjoy the beauty of this species while promoting responsible marine aquarium keeping.

An awesome little beautiful Fu Manchu Lionfish - Venomous who peacefully explores my large reef tank's caves. Almost always visible and active.

Reviewed by: Rick Ellison on Sept. 12, 2021

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