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Curly-Que Pistol Shrimp - Caribbean

Alpheus armatus

Sale Curly-Que Pistol Shrimp - Caribbean

Pistol Shrimp: Tiger

Alpheus bellulus

Sale Pistol Shrimp: Tiger

Pistol Shrimp: Bullseye

Alpheus soror

Sale Pistol Shrimp: Bullseye

Pistol Shrimp: Randalli

Alpheus randalli

Sale Pistol Shrimp: Randalli

Japanese Pistol Shrimp

Alpheus bisincisus

Sale Japanese Pistol Shrimp

Pistol Shrimp Red Leg

Synalpheus sp.

Sale Pistol Shrimp Red Leg

Lottini Pistol Shrimp - Indo Pacific

Alpheus lottini

Sale Lottini Pistol Shrimp - Indo Pacific

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