Falco Hawkfish

Falco Hawkfish

Cirrhitichthys falco

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Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore
Reef Safe: Yes
Invert Safe: No
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons
Max Size: 3 inches
The Falco Hawkfish is named due to its habit of perching on coral, from which it swoops out and snags its prey. Generally, many of the hawkfish is considered an unsociable fish for its aggressive or predatory nature, unlike this Falco Hawkfish. The falco hawkfish is considered the least aggressive and predatory hawkfish. The Falco Hawkfish is a personable little fish that can be considered by neophyte and experienced aquarist as well. Due to its durability and beautiful color pattern, the Falco Hawkfish makes a wonderful fish in any tank. It might get chased and nipped at by dottybacks, other hawkfish, damselfish and larger sand perches, so it should not be housed with these fishes. The aquarium should contain plenty of hiding places, and live stony and soft coral colonies. The Falco Hawkfish may jump from an aquarium so it should be kept in a tank with a covered lid over it to avoid any unnecessary accidents. 

This fish is a real nice addition to my tank. He swims along the sand and rock. He loves meaty food and can eat a pretty good size piece of food for his size. He does not bother other fish and no one seems to mind he is there either. Seems to be hardy so it should do just fine in the aquarium.

Reviewed by: Joseph Klingbeil on March 21, 2016

This guy was roaming around the rocks and exploring the moment we put him in. Very active and adorable. He shares rock perches with the lawnmower blenny. We have lots of small crabs and snails and he hasn't given any of them a second glance. The amphipods on the other hand...I guess they're too tasty to resist. ;)

Reviewed by: Emily Huang on Feb. 13, 2014

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