Blue/Green Zoanthid - Pacific

Blue/Green Zoanthid - Pacific

Zoanthus sp. w/Scleractinia sp.

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Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Filter Feeder
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 50 Gallons
Max Size:
Lighting: Moderate
Placement: Bottom to Middle
Waterflow: Moderate
Zoanthids, Zoanthus sp., also known as Colony Rock, Zoas,  or simply "Zoos", are an extremely hardy and excellent beginner coral. They are small soft corals that vary greatly in color and pattern. They have the ability to spread rapidly about the tank so be sure to keep extra room between them and other corals. Zoanthids thrive best in tanks with low to moderate water flow and strong lighting. They will largely feed photosynthetically but will benefit from supplemental feedings of plankton and other carnivorous foods. Zoanthids are some of the most popular, hardy, easy to care for, and beautiful corals in the entire trade. 

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