Butter Hamlet

Hypoplectrus unicolor

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Butter Hamlet

Butter Hamlet

Hypoplectrus unicolor

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Butter Hamlet Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Diet: Carnivore
Reef Safe: No
Minimum Tank Size: 60 gallons
Max Size: 6 inches

The Butter Hamlet, Hypoplectrus unicolor, is a beige hued Hamlet found mostly in the Caribbean Sea. Hamlets are often not found in local fish stores. They are reef safe but semi-aggressive towards smaller fish and invertebrates, so monitor the size of the Butter Hamlet's tank mates. They will eat a meaty food diet and rarely grow over 6 inches. The Butter Hamlet, like other species of colorations of Hamlet fish are beautiful additions to most tanks if paired with proper tank mates. It is recommended that the Butter Hamlet has ample space to swim freely in the tank, while also have various rocks and crevices for it to hide. The Butter Hamlet may shows signs of territorialism, so it may be wise to separate the Butter Hamlet from other Hamlet species. 

Butter Hamlet (Hypoplectrus unicolor) - A Comprehensive Guide for Saltwater Aquarium Enthusiasts

The Butter Hamlet (Hypoplectrus unicolor) is an exceptional addition to saltwater marine aquariums, renowned for its vibrant coloration and captivating behavior. This species, originating from the Western Atlantic, has become a sought-after choice among hobbyists due to its adaptability and eye-catching appearance.

Habitat of the Butter Hamlet:

In its natural habitat, the Butter Hamlet is predominantly found in coral reefs, sheltering amidst rocky crevices and coral formations. This species thrives in environments with moderate water flow and ample hiding spots. Recreating such a setup in your aquarium will ensure the well-being of your Butter Hamlet.

Reef Compatibility of the Butter Hamlet:

The Butter Hamlet is considered reef-safe, making it an ideal choice for aquariums featuring coral ecosystems. This species tends to coexist peacefully with various coral species, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of your marine setup.

Size and Lifespan of the Butter Hamlet:

Adult Butter Hamlets typically attain a size of 6 inches, making them suitable for moderately-sized aquariums. With proper care, these captivating fish boast a lifespan of 5 to 8 years, providing enthusiasts with a long-term and rewarding marine aquarium experience.

Diet of the Butter Hamlet in Captivity:

Feeding your Butter Hamlet a balanced diet is crucial for its well-being. This omnivorous species displays a penchant for meaty and plant-based foods. A diet comprising high-quality marine pellets, live or frozen brine shrimp, and occasionally enriched flakes ensures optimal health and coloration.

Aquaculture Availability of the Butter Hamlet:

The Butter Hamlet is currently available through reputable aquaculture efforts. At Saltwaterfish.com, we pride ourselves on offering sustainably sourced and responsibly bred marine species, contributing to the conservation of natural ecosystems.

Compatibility of the Butter Hamlet with Other Fish and Invertebrates:

This species exhibits a generally peaceful temperament, making it compatible with various tank mates. When selecting companions for your Butter Hamlet, consider species with similar water parameter requirements and temperaments. Avoid pairing with overly aggressive or territorial fish to maintain a harmonious aquarium environment.

Sexual Dimorphism of the Butter Hamlet:

Sexual dimorphism in Butter Hamlet is subtle, with males often displaying slightly brighter and more vivid coloration than females. However, distinguishing between the sexes may require a trained eye, and in a community aquarium, both genders contribute to the visual appeal of the setup.

Juvenile to Adult Coloration Changes in the Butter Hamlet:

As juveniles, Butter Hamlets showcase a more muted color palette, gradually transitioning into their vibrant adult hues as they mature. This gradual transformation adds an intriguing element to your aquarium, making it an ever-evolving and dynamic display.

Temperament of the Butter Hamlet:

The Butter Hamlet is known for its calm and non-aggressive nature, contributing to a peaceful community tank. However, individual personalities may vary, so monitoring interactions and providing ample hiding spaces is essential to reduce stress.

Tank Requirements for the Butter Hamlet:

  • Provide a minimum aquarium size of 60 gallons for optimal care for a single Butter Hamlet.
  • Include live rock structures to mimic natural hiding spots, promoting a sense of security.
  • Maintain a stable environment with suitable water parameters to ensure the well-being of your fish.

Water Conditions for the Butter Hamlet:

  • pH: Maintain a pH level between 8.1 and 8.4.
  • Salinity: Keep salinity in the range of 1.020 to 1.025.
  • Water Temperature: Maintain a temperature range of 74 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Water Flow: Provide moderate water flow, replicating the conditions found in their natural habitat.

Other Common Names for the Butter Hamlet:

Yellowhead Hamlet
Cuban Hamlet
Electric Hamlet

Five Compatible Tank Mates for the Butter Hamlet:

Why Choose Saltwaterfish.com for Butter Hamlet:

At Saltwaterfish.com, we prioritize the well-being of marine life. Our Butter Hamlets are sourced through sustainable aquaculture practices, ensuring you receive healthy and vibrant specimens. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Saltwaterfish.com guarantees a seamless experience in bringing the mesmerizing Butter Hamlet into your saltwater aquarium. Enhance your marine world with the exquisite beauty of the Butter Hamlet – a captivating addition to any aquatic environment.

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