Axilspot Hogfish

Bodianus axillaris

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Axilspot Hogfish

Axilspot Hogfish

Bodianus axillaris

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Axilspot Hogfish Care Facts

Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Carnivore
Origin: Indo-Pacific Ocean
Acclimation Time: 2+ hours
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 90 gallons
Max Size: 8 inches

Axilspot Hogfish (Bodianus axillaris) is also known as the Coral Pigfish, is endemic to the waters of Indonesia and Eastern Asia. Juveniles are a black or brown color with nine solid white spots, while adults have a red anterior, white anterior and yellow caudal fin. They feed on a variety of animals, including small fish, shrimp, crabs and krill. They require a carnivorous diet consisting of mysis or other crustaceans; larger ones may enjoy silversides or bait fish. Though labeled reef safe, they will predate on cleanup crews and other crustaceans or small reef fish, so they should be housed in predator reefs or fish-only systems. They reach a maximum size of 8 inches and should be kept in a tank with at least 90 gallons. 

The Axilspot Hogfish (Bodianus axillaris) is a striking marine fish species highly sought after by enthusiasts for its vibrant colors and captivating behavior. Native to the Indo-Pacific region, particularly around coral reefs, this species is a popular choice for saltwater aquariums due to its manageable size, peaceful demeanor, and stunning appearance.

Habitat of the Axilspot Hogfish

In the wild, Axilspot Hogfish inhabit coral reefs, often found in areas with abundant rocky crevices and coral formations. They prefer moderate to deep waters, typically 15 to 100 feet deep, where they can forage for small invertebrates and crustaceans among the substrate.

Reef Compatibility of the Axilspot Hogfish

Axilspot Hogfish are considered reef-safe as they do not pose a significant threat to corals or other invertebrates. However, caution should be exercised with small crustaceans such as shrimp, as they may be seen as potential prey.

Size and Lifespan of the Axilspot Hogfish

These hogfish species typically reach a maximum size of around 6 to 8 inches in length in aquariums, making them suitable for medium-sized tanks. They can live for up to 5 to 7 years in captivity with proper care.

Diet in Captivity of the Axilspot Hogfish

In captivity, Axilspot Hogfish thrive on a varied diet consisting of high-quality marine pellets, frozen or live meaty foods such as brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, and chopped seafood. Providing a diverse diet will help ensure optimal health and coloration.

Aquaculture Availability of the Axilspot Hogfish

While Axilspot Hogfish are occasionally available through aquaculture, they are more commonly sourced from the wild. However, efforts to increase aquaculture production are ongoing to provide hobbyists with more sustainable options.

Compatibility of the Axilspot Hogfish

Axilspot Hogfish generally exhibit peaceful behavior towards tankmates, making them suitable for community reef aquariums. However, caution should be exercised when introducing them to aggressive or territorial species, especially those that may outcompete them for food or exhibit predatory behavior.

Sexual Dimorphism of the Axilspot Hogfish

Juvenile Axilspot Hogfish display different coloration compared to adults. Juveniles typically exhibit yellow bodies with two black spots on the dorsal fin. At the same time, adults develop a striking red and white coloration with distinctive blue markings on the head and fins.

Temperament of the Axilspot Hogfish

Axilspot Hogfish are known for their peaceful temperament, making them an excellent addition to community aquariums. They are active swimmers who often explore their surroundings, adding movement and vibrancy to the tank environment.

Tank Requirements for the Axilspot Hogfish

  • Minimum Tank Size: A tank with at least 90 gallons capacity is recommended, providing ample swimming space and hiding spots among rocks or coral structures.
  • Water Conditions: Maintain stable water parameters as follows:
    • pH: 8.1 - 8.4
    • Salinity: 1.020 - 1.025
    • Water Temperature: 74°F - 80°F
    • Water Flow: Moderate to high flow to mimic natural reef environments

Other Common Names of the Axilspot Hogfish

Red axil hogfish, Axilspot fairy wrasse, Red-belted hogfish

Five Compatible Tank Mates for the Axilspot Hogfish

    Dwarf Angelfish (e.g., Coral Beauty Angelfish)

    Dottyback (e.g., Orchid Dottyback)

    Gobies (e.g., Firefish Goby)

    Basslets (e.g., Royal Gramma)

    Hawkfish (e.g., Flame Hawkfish)

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      In conclusion, the Axilspot Hogfish is a captivating addition to saltwater aquariums, prized for its beauty, peaceful demeanor, and compatibility with reef environments. With proper care and attention to their specific requirements, these stunning fish will delight hobbyists with their vibrant colors and engaging behavior for years.

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