Atlantic Blue Tang

Atlantic Blue Tang

Acanthurus coeruleus

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The Atlantic Blue Tang is commonly referred to as the Blue tang, Blur tang, Blue tang surgeonfish, Blue doctor, Blue doctorfish, Yellow doctorfish, Blue barber, and Yellow barber. It prefers to live in holes and crevices to hide themselves from predatory species that is why the yellow juveniles are mostly found to be hidden and comes out rarely in the wild. The Atlantic Blue Tang is generally active during the day time and stays hidden during the night. It is known to set up cleaning stations where it has been observed removing parasites and molted skin from other species.  It features spine on both sides of its caudal peduncle, which is used for protection and to establish dominance. At the juvenile stage, it displays a bright yellow color and that change into hues of blue during adolescence.  Decorate the aquarium with plenty of live rocks and hiding spots, which allows it to carry out its natural scraping and sorting behavior. The Atlantic Blue Tang should not be housed with similar species, since it can turn aggressive. 

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