Yellow Tang

Zebrasoma flavescens

(26 Reviews)

Yellow Tang

Yellow Tang

Zebrasoma flavescens

(26 Reviews)

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Yellow Tang Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 120 gallons
Max Size: 8 inches
The Yellow Tang is a member of family Acanthuridae and has a beautiful oval shaped body possessing a single pastel-like yellow color along with long continuous dorsal, anal fins and crescent tail fins. It has sharp white razor spur near the tail, which it uses during fights and also to establish itself over other fishes. Known as an active swimmer, it will glide through the aquarium eating algae simultaneously and at night it beds down on the reefs or live rocks. Fairly resistant to diseases, the Yellow Tang is relatively easy to care for. It can be housed in groups of 3 or more as a shoal, or singly. It is highly recommended to have only one Tang to minimize aggression in the aquarium. Adult males tend to be larger than females and with its long snout-like mouth it can easily feed on algae and seaweeds that suffocate corals. The Yellow Tang has a sharp spine located near its tail, which it uses for protection. The Yellow Tang will surely draw attention to your home tank. 

Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens). Know Your Saltwater Aquarium: Facts & Tips Video

Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens)

Very healthy little fish! I always drip acclimate all creatures, I think 2 to 3 hours is good to prevent issues. I don't dip so I take extra time acclimating. His name is Nacho and he eats and eats on any algae, likes the seaweed. He thinks hes a clown fish now. Great fish. 2 thumbs up in the yellow tang.

Reviewed by: Jeff Cergnul on Sept. 4, 2017

My Yellow Tang is probably my favorite fish in my tank. It arrived in great condition. I've had mine for about a month and it's growing and doing really well :)

Reviewed by: Larissa Amber on July 9, 2017

Excellent, very healthy fish

Reviewed by: Charles Robichaud on April 1, 2017

I received two of these tangs for my 210. They were on each other the day after i added them. a few weeks have gone by and they have settled down immensely. They still put up a show for each other, but by and large the get along. At some point I will have to find a home for one. The began eating within a few days after adding them to my tank. Beautiful color, full not pinched and very healthy. A great addition!

Reviewed by: Eric Roberts on Aug. 22, 2016

Very healthy no parasites

Reviewed by: Kevin Stuart on March 22, 2016

This fish arrived in good shape and is quite active. It took a few days, but it is eating pellet food, picking at algae on rocks and powerheads and also eating nori. Excellent fish.

Reviewed by: Bruce Blumberg on March 22, 2016

Beautiful fish! Very healthy and the coloring was great!

Reviewed by: Ronda Estelle on Jan. 26, 2016

Wow....received my tang as a 'free' add on with other purchase...glad I did! She arrived alive and healthy. Thanks!

Reviewed by: Lora Stroud on Jan. 15, 2016

Bright color looks great in my aquarium. Gets along well with other tang . Great shipping and fast.

Reviewed by: Frank S on June 12, 2015

I got my yellow tang on special for 14.99 so I was super excited for him to arrive. I could not have expected anything close to the fish I recieved. He's only about 2 inches but man is he a champ. He arrived and at first looked a little pale, probably from spending 24 hours in a box. Was please not expecting him to be the best of the stock, but boy was I wrong. The moment I started his acclimation he brighten right up. I had his bag floating, with the sides turned down, slowly adding water every 15 minutes. Well 30 minute later I look over and my tang literally jumped out the bag and into the tank. with in an hour he has became vibrant yellow and has been non stop all over the tank, checking out every cranny. This fish far exceeded my expectations and has been awesome to watch. I will be buying all my further marine life from saltwaterfish.Com!

Reviewed by: Tim on May 20, 2015

Got chased and harassed by the one we already had in the tank for about a week. New guy had to had out in an upper corner. Week later, everyone friends.

Reviewed by: John Miller on May 18, 2015

My yellow tang arrived one month ago in healthy, good condition. He was somewhat timid at first and spent a good bit of time secluded in live rocks. That has changed, and he is now a very colorful, visible and welcome addition to my tank. He has been a bit aggressive a couple of times toward a blue hippo tang, but nothing serious. He is quite good with all of his other tank mates.

Reviewed by: Alan on May 16, 2015

I received a health specimen acclimated right away ate within an hr of being put in tank

Reviewed by: Daryl Yates on April 11, 2015

Great guy. I love that the color is so bright and fish are soo healthy!

Reviewed by: Gabriel Guirola on April 4, 2015

Very healthy and feeding well. Was a bit bigger than expected, thank you!

Reviewed by: Jon Neumann on March 18, 2015

The Yellow tang was a great addition to my tank. It is about 2 inches long which was perfect for me. It was a bit territorial when first introduced to my tank, but after about a week, all of the fish get along just fine. This tank LOVES to eat algae which is perfect for me. It is doing a great job of cleaning up some of the algae I introduced to the tank that starting growing too much.

Reviewed by: Mike Juice on Feb. 12, 2015

Such a great species. Good for vegetation control, but will also eat most other food items offered. The one I was shipped arrived very healthy! Great size and happy fish. It fit in my large tank and group of other critters right away.

Reviewed by: John F. on Jan. 7, 2015

Arrived in good condition and still doing well a week later. Adjusting well.

Reviewed by: Cristina on Dec. 22, 2014

Bigger than expected, cute little thing. Doing well with one twice it's size. Likes to hide in the rocks and is a continuous nibbled. Thanks for such a nice fish.

Reviewed by: Dale on Dec. 21, 2014

Great little fish very healthy and friendly in the tank! !

Reviewed by: Rhonda on Dec. 13, 2014

Reviewed by: Sharon Richards on Nov. 1, 2014

Reviewed by: Beth Anne Gruizinga on Oct. 14, 2014

Reviewed by: Mary Stone on Oct. 7, 2014

Reviewed by: David Beecroft on Sept. 12, 2014

Colorful addition to tank community, peaceful fish, gets along with existing members of the fish community..

Reviewed by: Cesar Gutierrez on July 18, 2014

Nice fish with good color. Lately the tangs in our local market have been small and appear rough looking. Your product, as usual, looks great.

Reviewed by: M D Wolcott on Dec. 22, 2011

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