Surge Damsel - Indian Ocean

Chrysiptera brownriggii

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Surge Damsel - Indian Ocean
With its striking black stripes on a silvery body, the Sergeant Major Damsel is a hardy addition to anymedium to large aquarium. Its ease of care and contrasting pattern make it a captivating choice for hobbyists.

Surge Damsel - Indian Ocean

Chrysiptera brownriggii

(0 Reviews)

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Surge Damsel - Indian Ocean Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Aggressive
Diet: Omnivore
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons
Max Size: 4 inches
The Surge Damsel, Chrysiptera brownriggii , is one of the most beautiful damselfish species out there. Their bold yellow color with a neon blue stripe going over their eyes and body create a dazzling color combination that is sought after in the aquarium world.
This is a great beginner fish because it is hardy, easy to care for, peaceful, and will thrive with most hardy tank mates. They will feed on an omnivorous diet of most standard fish foods including brine and mysis shrimp, pellets, and seaweed. The minimum tank size for this damsel is a 30 gallon aquarium. 

Surge Damsel Overview

The Surge Damsel (Chrysiptera brownriggii) is a popular and fascinating addition to saltwater marine aquariums, known for its vibrant colors and active behavior. This species, commonly called the Surge Damsel, is sought after by hobbyists for its striking appearance and relatively easy care requirements.

Habitat of the Surge Damsel

The Surge Damsel is native to the Indo-Pacific region, inhabiting coral reefs and lagoons. This species is commonly found in areas with strong water currents, making them well-suited for aquariums with efficient filtration systems and water flow.

Reef Safety of the Surge Damsel

The Surge Damsel is generally considered reef-safe, making it a suitable choice for reef aquariums. It tends to leave corals and other invertebrates undisturbed, allowing for a diverse and thriving reef environment.

Size and Lifespan of the Surge Damsel

This species typically reaches a size of 3 inches (7.5 cm) in length when fully mature. Surge Damsels can live up to 5 to 7 years in captivity with proper care, making them a long-term commitment for marine aquarium enthusiasts.

Diet of the Surge Damsel in Captivity

The Surge Damsel is an omnivore, requiring a varied diet to thrive. In captivity, they readily accept high-quality marine pellets, frozen foods, and live foods like brine shrimp. Providing a diverse diet ensures optimal health and coloration.

Aquaculture and Availability of the Surge Damsel

Surge Damsels are often available through aquaculture, which helps reduce the impact on wild populations. This availability makes them a sustainable choice for aquarium enthusiasts. is committed to offering aquacultured specimens and promoting responsible and ethical practices in the aquarium trade.

Compatibility of the Surge Damsel with Other Fish and Invertebrates

The Surge Damsel is generally peaceful but can exhibit territorial behavior, especially during breeding. They are compatible with various tank mates, including other peaceful damselfish, clownfish, and small wrasses. However, caution should be exercised when introducing them to more aggressive species.

Sexual Dimorphism of the Surge Damsel

Sexual dimorphism in Surge Damsels is not easily discernible by external characteristics. Males and females share similar coloration and body shape, making it challenging to differentiate between the sexes visually.

Juvenile to Adult Coloration Changes in the Surge Damsel

Juvenile Surge Damsels exhibit vibrant blue and yellow coloration, intensifying as they mature. Adults boast striking blue and gold hues, enhancing their visual appeal in the aquarium.

Temperament of the Surge Damsel

The Surge Damsel is known for its active and curious nature. While generally peaceful, they may become territorial, especially during breeding. Providing ample hiding spaces and a well-structured environment helps alleviate potential aggression.

Tank Requirements for the Surge Damsel

Maintaining optimal conditions is crucial for the well-being of Surge Damsels. A minimum aquarium size of 30 gallons is recommended, providing enough space for swimming and establishing territories. The tank should have efficient filtration to handle their preference for strong water flow.

Water Conditions for the Surge Damsel

  • pH: 8.1 to 8.4
  • Salinity: 1.023 to 1.025
  • Temperature: 74 to 80°F (23 to 27°C)
  • Water Flow: Moderate to strong

Other Common Names for the Surge Damsel

The Surge Damsel may also be known as the Brownrigg's Damselfish or Brownrigg's Demoiselle.

Five Compatible Tank Mates for the Surge Damsel

Why Choose is a reputable source for acquiring Surge Damsels due to its commitment to quality and sustainability. With a focus on aquacultured specimens, customers can be confident in their marine life's health and ethical sourcing. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction and expert guidance make it a reliable choice for novice and experienced aquarium enthusiasts. Consider adding the vibrant Surge Damsel to your marine aquarium, enhancing its beauty with this captivating species.

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