Sargassum Trigger

Sargassum Trigger

Xanthichthys ringens

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The Sargassum Triggerfish is commonly referred as Sargassum, Red tailed triggerfish, Balistesringens, Balistes curassavicus, Balistes elongatus, Balistes nitidus, Xanthichthys ringens, Balistes notatus, Balistes cicatricosus, Balistes heckeli. Known for its curious nature, the Sargassum Triggerfish will enjoy an aquarium which has plenty of things to explore. The Sargassum Triggerfish possess a highly aggressive nature which makes it unsuitable for a reef tank. The Sargassum Triggerfish won't do well if you put it into a crowded tank. The Sargassum Triggerfish needs to be fed 3 times a day for proper nourishment.

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