Ricordea Mushroom: Green/Blue - Atlantic

Ricordea sp.

(2 Reviews)

Ricordea Mushroom: Green/Blue - Atlantic

Ricordea Mushroom: Green/Blue - Atlantic

Ricordea sp.

(2 Reviews)

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Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Filter Feeder
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 20 Gallons
Max Size:
Lighting: Low
Placement: Bottom to Middle
Waterflow: Low

Ricordea Mushrooms (Ricordea sp.) are a great beginner coral, as they do not require pristine water or high light. They are frequently found among shallow reefs in the Atlantic Ocean. They feed on small fish, crustaceans or plankton that falls onto their surface. They do well in dirtier water with high nutrients, which they filter out an use to grow. Medium-low light is best, and they should have moderate-low flow, as to keep debris off of them. 

The Captivating Ricordea Mushroom Coral (Ricordea sp.) from Saltwaterfish.com

Introducing the mesmerizing Green/Blue Ricordea Mushroom Coral (Ricordea sp.), a living masterpiece that will transform your saltwater marine aquarium into a vibrant underwater haven. In this comprehensive product description, we will explore the captivating features of the Ricordea Mushroom Coral, including its natural habitat, reef compatibility, size, lifespan, dietary preferences, aquaculture options, temperament, suitable tank mates, tank requirements, water conditions, alternative common names, compatible tank mates. Discover why the Ricordea Mushroom Coral from Saltwaterfish.com is an essential addition to your marine sanctuary.

Habitat and Natural Beauty of the Ricordea Mushroom Coral

The Ricordea Mushroom Coral thrives in the warm waters of the Caribbean, attaching itself to rocks and substrates. Its vibrant green and blue coloration adds a burst of visual appeal to your aquarium, resembling a living work of art.

Ricordea Mushroom Coral Reef Safe and Aesthetic Enhancement

This coral is renowned for its reef-safe nature, making it an excellent choice for marine enthusiasts with diverse coral setups. Its striking color spectrum enhances the beauty of your reef ecosystem.

Ricordea Mushroom Coral Size and Lifespan

The Ricordea Mushroom Coral showcases its brilliance within a compact size of around 2 inches (5 cm) when fully expanded. With proper care, these captivating corals can thrive for several years, becoming a cherished feature of your underwater landscape.

Diet and Aquaculture Success for Blue or Green Ricordea Mushroom Coral

Ricordea mushrooms are photosynthetic organisms that rely on light for energy. They also extract nutrients from the water column.

Compatibility and Temperament for the Ricordea Mushroom Coral

The Ricordea Mushroom Coral is known for its peaceful nature, making it an excellent choice for a community tank. Its presence adds vibrant color without disturbing the harmony of your marine environment.

Suitable Tank Mates and Harmonious Coexistence

  • Zoanthids: The vivid colors of Zoanthids complement the Ricordea Mushroom Coral, creating a visually stunning display.
  • Leather Corals: The diverse textures and forms of leather corals harmonize with the mushroom's striking coloration.
  • Gobies: Peaceful gobies add movement and intrigue to your aquarium, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  • Anthias: The dynamic colors of Anthias species create a captivating underwater tapestry when paired with the mushroom coral.
  • Shrimp: Certain shrimp species, such as cleaner shrimp, coexist harmoniously with the Ricordea Mushroom Coral, adding life to your setup.

Tank Requirements and Water Conditions

Maintain a stable environment with moderate water flow and low to moderate lighting. The Ricordea Mushroom Coral flourishes in a mature aquarium with established parameters, enhancing its longevity and vivid coloration.

Why Choose Saltwaterfish.com

Acquiring the Ricordea Mushroom Coral from Saltwaterfish.com guarantees a premium addition to your marine sanctuary. With a commitment to ethical practices and the well-being of marine life, Saltwaterfish.com provides healthy, well-acclimated specimens. Their extensive selection, detailed species information, and exceptional customer support ensure a seamless and enriching shopping experience. Opting for Saltwaterfish.com means supporting responsible sourcing and receiving top-quality specimens for your marine aquarium.

The Ricordea Mushroom Coral (Ricordea sp.) is a true gem that emits color and allure to saltwater marine aquariums. Its vivid hues and gentle nature make it a treasured focal point among coral enthusiasts. By selecting compatible tank mates and providing suitable care, you can create an underwater paradise showcasing this coral's brilliance. Choosing the Ricordea Mushroom Coral from Saltwaterfish.com guarantees a source that prioritizes marine health and your satisfaction. With attentive care and conscientious sourcing, this coral becomes a living testament to the beauty of the marine world.

Reviewed by: Jean-Paul Haddad on Aug. 20, 2023

Beautiful and large

Reviewed by: Mary Fetterley on Aug. 16, 2023

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