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Margarita Turbo Snail

Margarita Turbo Snail

Turbo sp.

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Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Herbivore
Origin: Atlantic Ocean
Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallons
Acclimation Time: 2+ hours
Reef Safe: Yes
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Lighting: ~
Placement: ~
Waterflow: ~
The Margarita Turbo Snail, Turbo sp., is one of our most popular snail species. Its spiral top shape makes it an attractive species inside your tank. It is an efficient algae grazer that is incredibly beneficial to your tank. Margarita Turbos require very little attention once introduced and need only be kept in a well-established reef tank with plenty of algae and live rock. These snails are recommended for any home aquarium as they are beautiful, beneficial, and require minimal care. There is really no downside to keeping Turbo snails. 

The first Margarita Turbo Snail arrived DOA but they refunded me quickly and the second one arrived and I could not be happier. Grateful for the good service and the speed they replaced the DOA.

Reviewed by: Brad Smallwood on Dec. 31, 2021

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