Chinstrap Jawfish - Indo Pacific

Opistognathus sp

(3 Reviews)

Chinstrap Jawfish - Indo Pacific

Chinstrap Jawfish - Indo Pacific

Opistognathus sp

(3 Reviews)

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Chinstrap Jawfish - Indo Pacific Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Carnivore
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons
Max Size: 4 inches
The Chinstrap Jawfish also known as the Green Sided Jawfish (Opistognathus sp) is a newly discovered species of Jawfish from the Indo Pacific. With its unique and alluring snowflake-like pattern, the Chinstrap Jawfish stands out from the crowd. This yet undescribed species bears a striking resemblance to the Opistognathus scops, but its larger, coarser mottling and distinct ocellus at the front of the dorsal fin make it truly one-of-a-kind. Its ocular band extending down to the chin adds to its charm, giving rise to its common name Chinstrap Jawfish. These jawfish should be kept in a 30-gallon or larger aquarium, complete with a generous supply of mixed substrate for burrowing. Decorate their den with broken coral branches, clam or snail shells, and assorted rubble to fulfill their natural instincts. They are reef safe and will need a diet of brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, and other meaty saltwater foods as they are primarily carnivores fed 2-3 times a day.


The Chinstrap Jawfish (Signigobius biocellatus) - A Tiny Marvel for Your Marine Aquarium

Discover the intriguing world of the Chinstrap Jawfish with this comprehensive overview, covering essential aspects of care, habitat, and compatibility in a captive environment.

Habitat of the Chinstrap Jawfish:

Originating from the Indo-Pacific region, the Chinstrap Jawfish thrives in shallow coastal waters, particularly in sandy substrates and rubble zones. Recreate its natural habitat with a mix of sand, rocks, and caves for refuge and foraging.

Is the Chinstrap Jawfish Reef Compatible?

Indeed, the Chinstrap Jawfish is reef-safe, making it an ideal choice for aquariums featuring corals and other invertebrates. Its small size and non-aggressive nature allow peaceful coexistence in a reef environment.

Size and Lifespan of the Chinstrap Jawfish:

Despite its diminutive size, the Chinstrap Jawfish reaches an average length of about 2 inches (5 centimeters). Impressively, these tiny marvels boast a relatively long lifespan, often living up to 3 to 5 years in well-maintained aquariums.

Diet of the Chinstrap Jawfish in Captivity:

This omnivorous goby enjoys a varied diet, including small crustaceans, copepods, and other microorganisms found in the substrate. Ensure a well-balanced diet with high-quality frozen or live foods to enhance overall health and vibrancy.

Aquaculture and Availability of the Chinstrap Jawfish:

While not extensively aquacultured, the Chinstrap Jawfish is regularly available to hobbyists through reputable suppliers like, ensuring access to these captivating specimens.

Compatibility with Other Fish and Invertebrates:

Known for their peaceful demeanor, Chinstrap Jawfish are compatible with various tankmates. Choose non-aggressive species that won't outcompete them for food. Suitable companions include clownfish, firefish, and other small, peaceful reef inhabitants.

Sexual Dimorphism of the Chinstrap Jawfish:

Sexual dimorphism in this species is not easily discernible visually. Behavioral observations, such as courtship and spawning, may reveal gender differences.

Juvenile to Adult Coloration Changes in the Chinstrap Jawfish:

As the Chinstrap Jawfish matures, subtle color changes occur. Juveniles exhibit subdued coloration, intensifying as they reach adulthood, featuring intricate patterns and vibrant hues.

Temperament of the Chinstrap Jawfish:

Renowned for their calm and non-aggressive temperament, Chinstrap Jawfish are well-suited for community aquariums. Their entertaining substrate-sifting behavior adds an intriguing spectacle to the tank.

Tank Requirements for the Chinstrap Jawfish:

For optimal well-being, a tank with a minimum capacity of 20 gallons is recommended to provide ample space for swimming and burrowing. Maintain stable water conditions with a pH of 8.1-8.4, salinity of 1.020-1.025, and a temperature range of 72-78°F (22-26°C). Moderate water flow mimics their natural habitat conditions.

Other Common Names for the Chinstrap Jawfish:

Common names, including Two-Spotted Goby or Twinspot Goby, may refer to the Chinstrap Jawfish.

Five Compatible Tank Mates for the Chinstrap Jawfish:

Why Choose for the Chinstrap Jawfish?

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In conclusion, the Chinstrap Jawfish is a captivating and low-maintenance addition to saltwater marine aquariums. With its peaceful nature, reef compatibility, and unique behaviors, it promises to be a delightful presence for enthusiasts. When looking to acquire this species, choosing ensures a seamless and reliable experience for marine enthusiasts.

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