Cactus Pavona Coral: Orange - Central Pacific

Cactus Pavona Coral: Orange - Central Pacific

Pavona maldivensis

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Care Facts

Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Filter-Feeder
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 30 Gallons
Max Size:
Lighting: Moderate-High
Placement: Varied
Waterflow: Moderate

The Pavona Coral (Pavona maldivensis), also known as the Pavona Cactus coral, is an unusual SPS found among the Indo-Pacific Ocean. They primarily grow horizontally, encrusting over a surface, but also develop vertical columns throughout, sometimes giving a cactus-like appearance. Though it does best in pristine water conditions, Pavona is also capable of growing in a variety of water conditions, making it a great beginner-level SPS coral. It should be provided with moderate-high lighting and high current, to help keep its surface clear of debris. It feed most at evening/night, when it extends its tentacles, reaching for food in the water column. 

I love this Cactus Pavona Coral! Pictures don’t compare to the live fish. The new addition improves my saltwater water aquarium. Everyone loves it.

Reviewed by: Joe Welsch on Dec. 31, 2021

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