Bumble Bee Snail

Engina mendicaria

(15 Reviews)

Bumble Bee Snail
The Bumblebee Snail, boasts a captivating spiral shell with distinct black and white/yellow bands. Easy to care for, it's a natural cleaner of pest snails, adding charm and utility to any tank.

Bumble Bee Snail

Engina mendicaria

(15 Reviews)

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Bumble Bee Snail Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 5 Gallons
Max Size: 1 inch
The Bumble Bee Snail, Engina mendicaria., features a black shell with alternating yellow and black stripes giving it its descriptive name. It is one of the most colorful and unique looking snail species in our inventory and its quite popular for this reason. They are best kept in tanks with plenty of live rock and away from predatory organisms. Although peaceful, Bumble Bee Snails can nip at other small snails or bristle worms (might be a good thing) but never corals. They will eat an omnivorous diet of algae and finely chopped meaty foods.

Explore the Bumble Bee Snail (Engina mendicaria) for Your Saltwater Marine Aquarium

Dive into the world of the tiny Bumble Bee Snail (Engina mendicaria), an exceptional addition to your saltwater marine aquarium. This informative guide provides factual insights into the Bumble Bee Snail's habitat, compatibility, care requirements, and why Saltwaterfish.com stands out as your premier source for these remarkable marine organisms.

Habitat and Adaptability of Bumble Bee Snails

Bumble Bee Snails are native to the Indo-Pacific region and inhabit intertidal zones and rocky shores. Known for their striking yellow and black striped shells, these snails bring a touch of vibrancy to your aquatic environment. They exhibit remarkable adaptability to different substrates and water conditions, making them a valuable addition to marine aquariums.

Reef Safe and Compatibility of Bumble Bee Snails

Are you worried about maintaining a balanced ecosystem within your aquarium? Bumble Bee Snails are reef safe, posing no threat to corals or other invertebrates. This characteristic makes them an ideal choice for reef tanks, where they contribute to algae control and substrate aeration.

Size and Lifespan of Bumble Bee Snails

Bumble Bee Snails typically grow to a size of about 0.5 to 1 inch in length. They can have a lifespan of several years with proper care, ensuring their long-lasting presence in your marine aquarium.

Diet and Feeding Habits of Bumble Bee Snails

These snails are herbivores, primarily feeding on algae and detritus. They play a vital role in maintaining a clean and healthy aquarium environment by grazing on nuisance algae. Their small size allows them to access tight spaces where algae can accumulate.

Tank Mates and Compatibility with Bumble Bee Snails

Bumble Bee Snails are known for their peaceful temperament, making them compatible with a wide range of tank mates. They coexist peacefully with various fish species, other snails, and peaceful invertebrates. This compatibility enhances the biodiversity and visual appeal of your marine aquarium.

Tank Requirements and Aquascaping for Bumble Bee Snails

To provide an ideal habitat for your Bumble Bee Snails, opt for a well-established marine aquarium with a minimum size of 5 gallons. Incorporate live rock structures and ample hiding places to mimic their natural environment. These snails appreciate rocky and sandy substrates that allow them to graze and explore.

Optimal Water Conditions for Bumble Bee Snails

Maintaining precise water conditions is essential for the well-being of your Bumble Bee Snails:

  • pH Level: Maintain a stable pH level of 8.0 to 8.4.
  • Salinity: Keep the salinity of your aquarium water within the range of 1.024 to 1.026 specific gravity or approximately 32-35 ppt.
  • Water Temperature: Maintain a water temperature between 74°F to 78°F (23°C to 26°C).
  • Lighting Requirements: Moderate to high-intensity lighting is suitable for most marine aquariums, supporting beneficial algae growth for these snails to graze on.
  • Water Flow: Ensure a moderate water flow within the tank to prevent sediment buildup and facilitate efficient nutrient distribution.

Why Choose Saltwaterfish.com for Bumble Bee Snails

Selecting Bumble Bee Snails for your marine aquarium is a wise choice, and sourcing them from Saltwaterfish.com ensures a seamless and reliable experience. Our dedication to providing healthy, responsibly collected specimens guarantees that you receive vigorous snails that will contribute to the vitality and balance of your marine ecosystem. Our extensive expertise and diverse selection make creating a captivating marine environment well within your reach.

In Conclusion

Enhance your marine aquarium with the beauty and utility of Bumble Bee Snails. From their unique appearance to their compatibility with various tank mates, these snails promise to be an engaging addition. When you choose Saltwaterfish.com, you're not just acquiring marine organisms—you're investing in the vibrancy and health of your aquarium.

Reviewed by: Bryan Steele on May 26, 2024

Thought I would try these out and add to my clean-up crew. They are easy to spot and do exactly what they are designed to do.

Reviewed by: Dale Pichelmayer on Feb. 19, 2024

Reviewed by: Deborah Killian on Feb. 19, 2024

Reviewed by: Jon Mundy on Feb. 18, 2024

Reviewed by: Glenda Pollard on Dec. 28, 2023

Reviewed by: Louis Cannon Jr. on Dec. 25, 2023

Reviewed by: Barbara Macey on Dec. 18, 2023

Reviewed by: Thomas C Hillertz on Nov. 26, 2023


Reviewed by: Sherri Meyer on Oct. 30, 2023

Reviewed by: Deborah Killian on Aug. 28, 2023

Reviewed by: Brittney Thornton on Aug. 10, 2023

All came alive and well

Reviewed by: Barbara Pinedo on Aug. 8, 2023

Arrived in great shape.

Reviewed by: Carl Samuelson on July 24, 2023

They are very small but look cool.

Reviewed by: Lisa Davis on July 8, 2023

Reviewed by: Robert Mathews on July 3, 2023

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