Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab

Clibanarius tricolor

(39 Reviews)

Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab

Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab

Clibanarius tricolor

(39 Reviews)

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Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 5 Gallons
Max Size: 1.5 inch
The Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crab, Clibanarius tricolor, features characteristic blue legs poking out of their shell. They are excellent scavengers and tank-cleaners that can help control algae and detritus and aerate sandy substrate. They are best housed in tanks with plenty of live rock and a sandy substrate. The Blue Leg Hermit Crab is reef safe, peaceful, and requires no care making it a risk-free and only beneficial addition to any home aquarium. 

Explore the Blue Leg Hermit Crab (Clibanarius tricolor) for Your Saltwater Marine Aquarium

Delve into the world of the tiny Blue Leg Hermit Crab (Clibanarius tricolor), an engaging addition to your saltwater marine aquarium. This factual guide provides valuable insights into the Blue Leg Hermit Crab's habitat, compatibility, care requirements, potential dangers, and why Saltwaterfish.com is your trusted source for these remarkable marine crustaceans.

Habitat and Adaptability of the Blue Leg Hermit Crab

Blue Leg Hermit Crabs, native to the coastal regions of the Caribbean Sea and the western Atlantic Ocean, are renowned for their striking blue legs and their role as efficient scavengers in marine ecosystems. Their adaptability to various environments makes them a popular choice for saltwater aquariums.

Reef Safe and Compatibility of Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

Blue Leg Hermit Crabs are reef safe, as they do not harm corals or other invertebrates. Their primary diet consists of detritus, algae, and leftover food, making them excellent cleaners for your aquarium.

Size and Lifespan of Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

These hermit crabs are small, with adults typically reaching sizes of up to one inch. They are usually shipped much smaller and will seek out larger shells as they grow. Under proper care, they can have a lifespan of several years, contributing to the long-term health of your marine aquarium.

Diet and Feeding Habits of Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

Blue Leg Hermit Crabs are opportunistic scavengers and omnivores. They feed on various food sources, including algae, detritus, and uneaten fish food. Their foraging behavior helps keep your aquarium clean and free from excess debris.

Compatibility with Tank Mates

Blue Leg Hermit Crabs generally have a peaceful temperament and are compatible with a wide range of tank mates. They coexist harmoniously with various fish species, other invertebrates, and corals. This compatibility enhances the overall biodiversity and cleanliness of your marine aquarium.

Suitable Tank Mates for Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

Blue Leg Hermit Crabs are versatile and can thrive alongside various tank mates. Compatible companions include peaceful fish species, other invertebrates, and corals that do not pose a threat to the hermit crabs. They are particularly beneficial in reef aquariums, where they help maintain a clean and balanced ecosystem.

Tank Requirements and Aquascaping for Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

To provide an ideal habitat for your Blue Leg Hermit Crabs, a well-established marine aquarium with a minimum size of 5 gallons is recommended. Incorporate live rock structures and provide ample hiding places to mimic their natural environment. A sandy substrate is also preferable, allowing them to burrow and sift through detritus.

Optimal Water Conditions for Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

Maintaining precise water conditions is crucial for the health of your Blue Leg Hermit Crabs:

  • pH Level: Maintain a stable pH level of 8.0 to 8.4.
  • Salinity: Keep the salinity of your aquarium water within the range of 1.024 to 1.026 specific gravity or approximately 32-35 ppt.
  • Water Temperature: Maintain a water temperature between 74°F to 78°F (23°C to 26°C).
  • Lighting Requirements: Blue Leg Hermit Crabs are indifferent to lighting, so moderate to low-intensity lighting is suitable.
  • Water Flow: Ensure gentle to moderate water flow within the tank to prevent sediment buildup and facilitate efficient nutrient distribution.

Why Choose Saltwaterfish.com for Blue Leg Hermit Crabs

Selecting Blue Leg Hermit Crabs for your marine aquarium is a practical choice, and sourcing them from Saltwaterfish.com ensures a reliable and informed experience. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing guarantees you receive robust and well-maintained hermit crabs that contribute to the cleanliness and vibrancy of your marine ecosystem. With our expertise and diverse selection, you can confidently enhance your aquarium with these helpful marine crustaceans.

Get Blue Leg Hermit Crabs from SaltWaterFish.com

Embrace the unique beauty and utility of Blue Leg Hermit Crabs as they tirelessly clean and scavenge through your saltwater marine aquarium. From their striking blue legs to their compatibility with suitable tank mates, these crustaceans promise to be an engaging addition. When you choose Saltwaterfish.com, you're not just acquiring marine organisms—you're investing in the vitality and cleanliness of your aquatic community.

Blue Leg Hermit Crabs are fascinating creatures that can bring vibrancy and cleanliness to your saltwater marine aquarium. Their adaptability, peaceful temperament, and compatibility with various tank mates make them a popular choice among marine enthusiasts. As you create the perfect underwater ecosystem, consider adding these charming blue-legged crustaceans to enhance both the aesthetics and health of your aquarium.

Eating up everything

Reviewed by: Byron Swafford on April 17, 2024

Reviewed by: Sharee Larue on April 2, 2024


Reviewed by: Nicholas Calabria on April 1, 2024

Healthy and active right out of the bag.

Reviewed by: Brian Clark on March 27, 2024

Reviewed by: Gary Sparks on March 25, 2024

Can't go wrong with by 10 get 10 free.. awesome deals

Reviewed by: Troy Belgrave on March 17, 2024


Reviewed by: Daniel Mayock on March 10, 2024

Reviewed by: Gary Sparks on March 10, 2024

Reviewed by: Gary Sparks on March 6, 2024

Reviewed by: David Schneider on Feb. 19, 2024

Reviewed by: Trevor Cavanaugh on Feb. 15, 2024

Very small, but doing the job!

Reviewed by: Michael Leonard on Feb. 12, 2024

Small but very active.

Reviewed by: Tom Arcangeli on Feb. 11, 2024

Reviewed by: Bryant Smith on Feb. 5, 2024

Reviewed by: Francis Bustamante on Jan. 3, 2024

Reviewed by: Chris Brault on Jan. 3, 2024

Blue leg hermit crabs were all accounted for and healthy

Reviewed by: Sean Boyer on Jan. 2, 2024

Reviewed by: George Walls on Dec. 27, 2023

Reviewed by: Andrew Hernandez on Dec. 14, 2023

Reviewed by: Scott Harper on Dec. 10, 2023

I bought these guys for my little 10 gallon soft coral grow out tank. They are the best little cleaners in the hermit family, and because of their tiny little size, they can really get into all the little nooks and crannies of the live rock. They are also just great little cleaners in general, going to work 24/7.

Reviewed by: Robert Kligerman on Dec. 3, 2023

Active and healthy

Reviewed by: Mary Fetterley on Dec. 3, 2023

Reviewed by: Luis Galarza on Oct. 30, 2023

Small but nice

Reviewed by: Terrence Flick on Oct. 16, 2023

All good

Reviewed by: Jeff Clabault on Aug. 27, 2023

They all arrived alive and well.

Reviewed by: Vincent Amrhein on Aug. 15, 2023

Reviewed by: Brian Connett on Aug. 7, 2023

Reviewed by: Neal Collins on Aug. 2, 2023

Excellent cleaners. Active

Reviewed by: Scott Hughes on July 31, 2023

Good healthy crabs, but very small.

Reviewed by: Edward Rasmussen on July 20, 2023

The dwarf ones are very tiny as described.

Reviewed by: Edward Rasmussen on July 18, 2023

Reviewed by: Eyecare You on July 13, 2023

Few arrived dead good value.

Reviewed by: Donald Roman on July 13, 2023

They are very small but fun to watch the tiny legs poke out.

Reviewed by: Lisa Davis on July 8, 2023

Reviewed by: Corinne Malanoski on July 3, 2023

Reviewed by: David Orear on June 27, 2023

Arrived just fine. All doing well. Thanks Saltwaterfish.com.

Reviewed by: Debbie Dublo on Nov. 14, 2016

You just have to love these little guys, so active and pretty to look at. I consider them my little crew of janitors, busy cleaning up all the time. They are one of the first animals I put in my tanks when I set them up.

Reviewed by: Dickie52 on March 18, 2015

Arrived alive and well. Very small on arrival. Very active and friendly.

Reviewed by: Timothy Ollom on March 14, 2015

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