Blue Damsel

Blue Damsel

Chrysiptera cyanea, male

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The Blue Damsel, Chrysiptera cyanea, is a beautiful fish with a stunning blue sheen across its body. Females are generally all blue while males can have a slightly orange tail. They will spend much of their time in and out of the rock crevices and live rock helps decrease territorial behavior so it is generally recommended for tanks housing Blue Damsels. The Blue Damsel makes an excellent beginner fish as it is easy to care for, hardy, and eats almost anything it is fed in its omnivorous diet. 
They are even possible to breed in captivity if you are able to get a true mated pair. The Blue Damsel is resistant to most marine disease but can still benefit from a quarantine treatment. The Blue Damsel is without a doubt one of the most abundant and best-selling fish in the United States. They are compatible with almost any home aquarium so you really cannot go wrong here. 

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