Peaceful Saltwater Aquarium Fish

A successful community aquarium will contain peaceful fish and other compatible marine animals.

These fish can be found living in groups that form a school or as individuals. Schooling fish act as a team to source foods and to appear larger to predators. They instinctively stay close to one another and often swim in sync. Because schooling fish are so reliant on each other, they are peaceful and compatible.

Some fish have symbiotic relationships with other marine animals so that both are protected and fed by one another. A great example would be the Shrimp Goby and Pistol Shrimp. The Shrimp protects the Goby as the Goby brings it pieces of food. Another great example would be the Clownfish and Anemone. Similarly, the Anemone protects the Clownfish as the Clownfish brings pieces of food to the Anemone. Having this symbiotic relationship requires a peaceful existence.

A community of fish living together peacefully is ideal for the marine aquarium as it allows the aquarist to enjoy with little effort in regards to hostility, bullying, or stress that would cause a fish to perish. Choosing the right amount of fish and aquarium decor will ensure they stay healthy and enjoy their environment.

It is very rewarding to have peaceful saltwater aquarium fish as they actively swim out and about without hiding from predators, allowing the aquarist to fully enjoy every part of aquarium keeping.

 Below we show you some recommended, peaceful aquarium fish.

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