Waitei (Sherbert) Anthias - Marshall Island

Waitei (Sherbert) Anthias - Marshall Island

Luzonichthys waitei

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Care Facts

Care Level: Expert
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Carnivore
Origin: Indo-Pacific Ocean
Acclimation Time: 2+ hours
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 50 gallons
Max Size: 3 inches
The Waitei Anthias, Luzonichthys waitei, also known as the Magenta Slender Anthias features an unforgettable orange/magenta/purple coloration. Like many other Anthias, they are hermaphroditic. They can be kept in small groups of many females to one male, and if the male perishes the  dominant female will morph into a male and assume it's place.

They are peaceful and reef safe, and a great addition to any reef tank. Diet should include a variety of high quality flake foods, copepods, spirulina, marine algae, mysis and brine shrimp, 3 time daily.

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