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Tiger Tail Cucumber

Tiger Tail Cucumber

Baseodiscus sp.

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The Tiger Tail Cucumber, Holothuria sp., also known as the Sand Sifting Sea Cucumber, are easy to care for, reef safe, and hardy. Their red body and white horn-like protrusions are instantly recognizable and make for a fascinating addition to any tank. They will feed on algae, pellets, diatoms, and meaty foods. The Tiger Tail is an excellent sand sifter as it will clean the sand of all excess foods and help aerate it at the same time. The are best housed in tanks with thick sand beds and rock hiding places.
It is important to know that the Tiger Tail Cucumber contains a poisonous sting if threatened. Like other cucumbers, it is important to change the water monthly and have a tank with moderate lighting and moderate waterflow. 

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