Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush

Penicillus sp.

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The Shaving Brush grows in sandy substrates and possess rhizoidal ?root balls? or holdfast. It is hardy in nature and well known for its filtration capabilities. The Shaving Brush resembles a brush used for applying cream, thus it is named as shaving brush plant. It features elongated stalk and green grass like upward branches. The Shaving Brush incorporates a hard Calcium Carbonate skeleton within its living tissue. It is easy to maintain and do not need any special attention. The supplements of calcium and iron can be added to improve its overall health and growth. It helps in controlling excess nutrients in almost any marine or reef aquarium. It is advisable to keep the aquarium well illuminated for its proper growth, so that they have enough energy to prepare the food through photosynthesis.The Shaving Brush has many thin leaves and these give a feathered look to it. It is well-suited for refugium and modified sumps. Most herbivorous fish do not feed on this plant, but some sea urchins may uproot and consume these species.

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