Sexy Shrimp x1 & Maxi-Mini Anemone x1 DUO
Sexy Shrimp x1 & Maxi-Mini Anemone x1 DUO
Sexy Shrimp x1 & Maxi-Mini Anemone x1 DUO

Sexy Shrimp x1 & Maxi-Mini Anemone x1 DUO

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The Sexy Shrimp, Thor amboinensis, gets its name from its provocative waving motion it makes with its abdomen. This is a very small shrimp that makes a perfect addition to any Nano aquarium. It features a translucent/orange body with scattered white spots. It is imperative that you never house the Sexy Shrimp with predatory fishes or inverts as they will easily consume this organism. They are reef safe, peaceful, and will readily find a host coral or other organism. 
Males and females also exhibit differentation making mating in the home aquarium relatively easy. Males are generally smaller with a single white stripe across the abdomen while females are large with multiple stripes. 
The Maxi-Mini Carpet Anemone, Stichodactyla tapetumi, is often described as possessing some of the most beautiful rainbow colors in the aquarium trade. They are easy to care for due to their small size (growing up to a max 6 inches), however, they possess a potent sting, so be careful. Their health can be judged by their 'stickiness' - the stickier the better. They thrive in tanks with strong lighting and strong waterflow as well as a thick sandy substrate. The Maxi-Mini Carpet Anemone should be fed daily a variety of carnivorous preparations. Overall, this is one of the best beginner anemones out there as it is easy to care for and incredibly beautiful. 

I've had Sexy Shrimp for about a week and he's doing great. For the first few days I didn't see him at all, but now he makes appearances pecking at algae and darting in and out of the rocks and caves. Nice colors and appears healthy.

Reviewed by: Jason Darrow on Dec. 31, 2021

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