Powder Blue Tang - Africa

Powder Blue Tang - Africa

Acanthurus leucosternon

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Care Facts

Size: 3-3.5 inches
Care Level: Expert
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Herbivore
Origin: Indo Pacific
Acclimation Time: 3+ Hours
Reef Safe: Monitor
Coral Safe: Yes
Invertebrate Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 125 Gallons
The Powder Blue Tang, Acanthurus leucosternon, also known as the Powder Blue Surgeonfish, has a disk shaped body, featuring a bright light blue body with a yellow dorsal fin and caudal peduncle, and a darker face outlined in white. Making it a real eye catcher in your aquarium. The Powder Blue Tang also has a scalpel at the base of their tail fin which is very sharp and is used by the Tang for protection from predators,  as well as a way of establishing itself with tank mates. Caution should be used when handling Surgeonfish as a cut from its scalpel can cause discoloration and swelling of the skin with a high risk of infection. The pain lasts for hours then still ends up having a dull ache.

The Powder Blue Tang can grow to be about 9" and requires a tank no less than 125 gallons as a fully matured adult. A minimum 50 gallon tank will be OK temporarily for a juvenile, as they are rather slow growers, but keep in mind that too small of an environment can stunt their growth and they can develop 'behavior issues'. Like most other Surgeonfish or Tangs, the Powder Blue Tang likes water with a moderate to heavy flow, creating currents to swim in. Being very active during the day, they require a large tank with plenty of open room to swim about while also providing plenty of live rocks and or Corals to offer some cover if frightened, and to sleep in at night. Lush natural algae growth in the tank is suggested in order for the Tang to be able to graze upon in between meals. They may also jump out of an open aquarium, so be sure to have a tightly fitting lid.

Being a peaceful fish in nature, it will get along with most other peaceful tank mates, though it will aggressively defend its territory against other Surgeonfish and Tangs, and is best kept individually. This Tang is particularly intolerant of other Tangs and should be the last fish added to your community aquarium. Unless you have a huge system, like a few hundred gallons or so, it is best to to keep only one Powder Blue Tang per system. Like all Tangs, they do not have scales to help protect them, they also do not produce as much skin mucus on their bodies as other fish, making them susceptible to diseases such as Marine Ich and Marine Velvet. 
It can be quite difficult to get the Powder Blue Tang to eat at first, as they can be very shy. Keeping naturally growing algae in the tank will help with this, along with blanched lettuce and brine shrimp to entice it to eat.  

This fish is fantastic. The little guy began eating with 24 hours of getting into the tank. We put seaweed salad in the tank and he picked at it. Got him interested in food with a little flake food. Now he's got a fat little belly and eats the seaweed salad and algae off the rocks in the tank.

Reviewed by: Nichole on Jan. 2, 2017

Powder blue tang is one of my favorite marine fishes. Stunningly beautiful and graceful. Mine arrived in peak condition began feeding right away in it's new home ... my 90 gallon tank.

Reviewed by: Dominic O. on May 22, 2016

Very nice specimen. Healthy and great color. Began eating within 1 day.

Reviewed by: Carl Rode on May 15, 2016

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