Halloween Hermit Crab
Halloween Hermit Crab
Halloween Hermit Crab
Halloween Hermit Crab

Halloween Hermit Crab

Ciliopagurus strigatus

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Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: ~
Diet: ~
Origin: ~
Minimum Tank Size: ~
Acclimation Time: 2+ hours
Reef Safe: ~
Coral Safe: ~
Invertebrate Safe: ~
Lighting: ~
Placement: ~
Waterflow: ~
The Halloween Hermit Crab, Ciliopagurus strigatus, also known as the Orange Leg Hermit Crab, is one of the more colorful janitorial hermit crabs with bright orange legs with red striping. Found mainly off the coast of Hawaii, this crab will grow to a maximum of two inches. Relatively more aggressive than other hermits, the Orange Leg Hermit should be well-fed with meaty preparations when they are not scavenging the tank for algae and other herbivorous foods. Like most hermits, they are an incredibly beneficial organism to have in the tank as they just keep things generally clean and tidy. 

I bought 2 medium sized Orange Leg (Halloween) crabs and they're doing great in my 29-gal. BioCube! First they hid, then one molted. Now they're both out and about and busy eating. They've made friends with my sand-sifting starfish and seahorses and are a good addition to my cleanup crew!

Reviewed by: Melodi Leatham on Aug. 13, 2017

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