Neptune SKY LED Lighting

Neptune SKY LED Lighting

LED with Power Supply

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The Neptune SKY LED is a powerful, 200W aquarium light meant to replicate the sun. The 104 LEDs work together to create a smooth blend of color, while reducing bright/dim spots and preventing a "disco-ball" effect. The SKY LED has built-in defusers that help equalize the light, and provide a steady, even distribution across the reef. This light offers optimized spectrum for growth and color.

The SKY LED also offers LED intensity sliders, advanced scheduling features and easy integration into other Apex features; though an Apex controller is not necessary, as you can also use a mobile device to connect and control the light. In addition, the light was designed to be compatible with a variety of other brands' mounting systems, for ease and cost efficiency. Compatible mounts include:
- Ecotech Marine RMS XR30 G5 Tank Mount System
- Neptune Systems SKY Hanging Kit
- Orphek Universal LED Mounting Bracket

Maximum Light Coverage (Length): 36 inches
Maximum Light Coverage (Width): 30 inches

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