Neptune Magnetic Probe Rack

Neptune Magnetic Probe Rack

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The Neptune Magnetic Probe Rack is an organizational magnet that holds up to four probes and is specifically designed for the APEX probes. It has Neodymium magnets that will hold securely through 1/2" sumps. This probe rack is compatible with all APEX probes including ph, salinity, ORP, and temperature. 

The Magnetic Probe Rack is a product in the Neptune Apex AquaController System line and is compatible with all APEX systems (Apex Jr, Apex Classic, Apex Lite, Apex). The Neptune Apex System is probably the most technologically progressive comprehensive aquarium system on the market. Featuring full wireless compatibility, customization, and control, the Neptune Apex System is unrivaled by its competitors. This system is the future of the home aquarium. You can set up the system to send you email alerts on any number of factors, alarms, or even phone notifications to monitor tank conditions. The system is fully customizable and will receive regular software and firmware updates to ensure continued efficiency and to keep the system as up-to-date on current trends as possible. All products are interchangeable and customizable and will fit into other products seamlessly with no programming required. 

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