Neptune Core-15 Return Pump

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Neptune Core-15 Return Pump

Neptune Core-15 Return Pump

(0 Reviews)

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Neptune Core-15 Return Pump Care Facts

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The Neptune COR-15 Return Pump is a durable pump that can be used with or without a Neptune System. If using the pump in a stand alone method, you can access basic features such as increasing or decreasing the speed. However, once connected to an Apex System, you will suddenly have many more features and options available through the Fusion Cloud. 

Some of the key features of this pump is the IQ level technology which allows it to communicate with AquaBus connections and monitor it's own temperature while running quietly and is energy efficient. This pump can turn up to 1500 gallons per hour and comes with a few different output setting to allow you to choose which one will match your set up. It can also be run either internally or externally. 


1 x COR-15 Pump Body
1 x COR Driver Controller
1 x 100W DC Power Supply
1 x 1.25" PVC Union - Slip to BSPP
1 x 1" Slip Fitting
1 x 3' AquaBus Cable

Note: Some features of this pump require the Apex Controller System

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