Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller System Entry Level

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Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller System Entry Level

Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller System Entry Level

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Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller System Entry Level Care Facts

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Neptune Apex Aqua Controller System 

Neptune ApexEL allows you to monitor your aquarium from your own personal device. With built in WiFi that connects to the Apex Fusion Cloud Interface, you can now access your tank information from anywhere. The Apex Fusion Cloud based site gives you access to customize outlets, log your testing parameters which gives you more information about any changes or disruptions in levels and set reminders for testing and dosing, if connected. The Neptune System Energy Bar 832 features eight 7 amp relay outlets that are individually monitored and illuminated with LED's indicating their status and power consumption. Also included are two 24VDC accessory ports that allow for the use of small pumps, fans and other accessories as well as the recently added 1Link ports. The built in 100W DC power supply allows you to control up to three 1Link accessory ports. There are also three AquaHub connections to the Energy Bar 832 giving you the option to expand even further.

Neptune probes will last longer than other probes, they are compatible with all Neptune Apex systems and each probe will come with a connector cord. Double junction probes are more resilient and durable, especially after continued use. Since this is the entry level model it will not come with all of the bells and whistles, but does have the option for add on's and is completely compatibly with any Neptune System accessory like the DOS Fluid Metering Sytem or the WAV Circulation Pump as well as additional Probes.


1 x ApexEL Base Unit
1 x Energy Bar 832
1 x Temperature Probe 
1 x Double Junction pH Probe 
1 x 6' AquaBus Cable
1 x 7.0 pH Calibration Solution Packet
1 x 10.0 pH Calibration Solution Packet

Note: Smart Phone and Tablet are not included

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