Neptune 36W/24V Power Supply

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Neptune 36W/24V Power Supply

Neptune 36W/24V Power Supply

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Neptune 36W/24V Power Supply Care Facts

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36W/24V power supply - Neptune Systems aquarium accessories

Compatible with Neptune FMM Fluid Monitoring Module accessories

Power your accessories for  Neptune Systems Flow Monitoring Module with the 24VDC 36W Power Supply. 

The Neptune Systems 24VDC 36W Power Supply is compatible with the Solenoid Valve, as well as the Practical Multi-purpose Utility Pump, providing reliable power to keep your accessories going.

The Neptune Systems 24VDC 36W Power Supply is also compatible for use with the Neptune Systems DOS (Dosing and Fluid Metering System), ATK (Automatic Top-off Kit), and the Trident Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer.

This power supply is for 110V USA-style outlets.

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