Midas Blenny: Golden

Ecsenius midas

(4 Reviews)

Midas Blenny: Golden
Boasting a golden-yellow body, the Midas Blenny is a stunning addition to any tank. It's known for its playful personality and ease of care, making it a delightful choice for hobbyists.

Midas Blenny: Golden

Ecsenius midas

(4 Reviews)

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Midas Blenny: Golden Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons
Max Size: 6 inches

Midas Blenny

The Midas Blenny (Ecsenius midas), also known as the Golden Blenny or Sunburst Blenny, originates from the Indo-Pacific region, favoring rocky or coral-rich habitats. With a size reaching up to 6 inches and a lifespan of several years, it boasts an elongated body transitioning from light orange to golden yellow, accentuated by sapphire blue eyes. This herbivorous species requires a varied diet of marine algae sheets, spirulina-based pellets, and occasional fresh or frozen vegetables. While generally peaceful, it may exhibit territorial behavior towards similar-looking fish. Compatible tank mates include Dottybacks, Fairy Wrasses, Anthias, Hawkfish, and Tangs. Captive-bred specimens are readily available, offering adaptability and resilience. To thrive, the Midas Blenny requires a well-established aquarium with plenty of live rock for hiding spots and algae growth, along with adequate lighting. The Midas Blenny adds vibrancy and charm to saltwater marine aquariums, becoming a focal point of admiration with proper care and a suitable environment.

Habitat and Reef Safety:

Midas Blennies inhabit rocky or coral-rich areas with ample hiding spots in the Indo-Pacific, including the Red Sea and western Pacific Ocean. Peaceful and herbivorous, they pose no threat to corals or other invertebrates, making them reef safe.

Size and Lifespan:

Growing up to 4 to 6 inches, they can live for several years with proper care in a well-maintained aquarium.


The Midas Blenny is an herbivore that feeds on algae and marine vegetation, requiring a varied diet of marine algae sheets, spirulina-based pellets, and occasional fresh or frozen vegetables.


Readily available in the aquarium trade, captive-bred specimens are common and preferred for adaptability and resilience.

Compatibility and Suitable Tank Mates:

Generally peaceful, the Midas Blenny may become territorial towards similar-looking fish but can coexist with many tank mates, including:

Tank Requirements:

The Midas Blenny thrives in well-established aquariums with plenty of live rock and hiding spots, adequate lighting, and a healthy algae population are crucial to meet their dietary needs.

Other Common Names:

The Midas Blenny is also known as Golden Blenny or Sunburst Blenny, scientifically as Ecsenius midas.

I wrote earlier that the SE Asia Midas looked different fromthe 1 pictured of the African variety. I was wrong. It looked different initially but looks just like the African counterpart. Very cute and loads of personality.

Reviewed by: Esther Hebert on March 8, 2024

Love this fish! It was dark colored for 4-5 days and is now getting more yellow each day.

Reviewed by: Carlos Otero on Nov. 7, 2023

The Midas Blenny is one of my favorite fish. It is active, visible, and has quite a bit of character.

Reviewed by: Mary Reed on June 29, 2023

Reviewed by: Richard Thomas on Sept. 24, 2014

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