Map Puffer

Map Puffer

Arothron mappa

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Care Facts

Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore
Reef Safe: No
Minimum Tank Size: 200 gallons
Max Size: 24 inches
The Map Puffer, Arothron mappa, also known as the Scribbled Toadfish, Mappa Puffer, and Scribbled Arothron Puffer, features a unique network of black scribbles covering its body in an ornate and intricate web. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, and rarest in the aquarium trade, species of pufferfish. 
The Map Puffer can inflate its body to twice its size and is poisonous to predators if swallowed. Their fused beak-like teeth are strong and are used to eat sessile inverts like feeder clams. best kept in a tank with plenty of live rock they have a propensity to eat almost anything in the tank including small fish, inverts, and sometimes even aquarium equipment, so be cautious when picking tank mates, you should never use a net to move the Map Puffer as they may expand and injure themselves - use a container instead,  like other puffers, should never be exposed to open air

I bought this Map Puffer here and to show you how hardy this guy is, he was the most active of 5 fish I had delivered when outside temp in MN was 21 degree out and bag water was at 68 degrees. All survived after 2 1/2 hr slow drip acclimation. He is a colorful little guy to watch darting around the tank. He is constantly on the move searching for food or detritus on the bottom as well as on reef rock. Likes to dart in and out of rock. He is getting much better at snagging Mysis shrimp I drop in before the other 6 fish hog it all, especially my Hamlet Indigo who gobbles everything that moves. A joy to watch.

Reviewed by: Philip Brock on Dec. 31, 2021

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