Bashsea Media Chamber Model 6-12

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Bashsea Media Chamber Model 6-12

Bashsea Media Chamber Model 6-12

(0 Reviews)

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Bashsea Media Chamber Model 6-12 Care Facts

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Bashsea's lineup of aquarium products are rivaled to none. Thoroughly designed by and for aquarium hobbyists, Bashsea's products are characterized by their customizability, efficiency, and sleek style. Bashsea's Media Chamber is a highly functional media repository that provides the largest media capacity on the market. Its superior design allows for high media volumes while producing an even flow to maximize water-media contact time. 
We at love Bashsea's products so much that we use them in our own aquariums. See one of our Bashsea-equipped aquariums below!

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The Bashsea Media Chamber boasts functional features such as: 
  • Use with all media types 
  • Full access reaction chamber
  • A water distribution plate eliminates need for channeling of media
  • Precision water-jet-cut sponges
  • Precision CNC key hole flanges
  • True O-ring seals
  • Designed and hand-built in the USA with American materials
  • Fully customizable sizes and shapes for individual aquariums
Bashsea Media Chamber Model 6-12 Specifications: 
  • Height: 13"
  • Chamber diameter: 6" 
  • For tanks up to 275 gallons
  • Recommended pump flow rate 200-400 gph
  • Hose barb: 3/4"

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