Bashsea Bio-Fuge Sump Model 30-14-16

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Bashsea Bio-Fuge Sump Model 30-14-16

Bashsea Bio-Fuge Sump Model 30-14-16

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Bashsea Bio-Fuge Sump Model 30-14-16 Care Facts

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Bashsea products are renowned for their quality and attention to detail. Hand crafted with 100% American materials and made in America, these sumps are designed by and for hobbyists. They are constructed with top of the line materials and built to last. Many hobbyists choose to display their Bashsea sumps out in the open because they are just that beautiful. We at love Bashsea products, check out our custom sump system below!

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The Bashsea Bio-Fuge sump is no exception. The sump is engineered to naturally process aquarium waste to keep the animals living in side healthy and thriving. The sump uses a innovative three stage process to effectively eliminate aquarium waste: 
  1. A constant water level skimmer is placed in the BioFuge to maximize protein skimmer efficiency
  2. A biological chamber is placed in the second BioFuge to use the oxygen-rich water produced by the protein skimmer. This creates a good environment to grow nitrifying bacteria. 
  3. The refugium, with plenty of room for live rock, sandy substrate, and macroalgae to remove the last remaining waste from the water. 
Extra features include: 
  • Bashseas BioFuge allows for 75% of the filter's volume to adapt to water level changes due to evaporation, unlike the industry standard of 10 to 20%. 
  • Black background and blue baffles 
  • True Union Drain Assembly for fast and easy installation
  • Constant water level skimmer chamber
  • Large refugium chamber
  • Large baffle chamber located before pump
  • Pump chamber can hold internal or external pump
  • Fully customizable in any size or configuration to meet aquarium specs 
  • Probe holders
  • Cryptic fuge chamber
  • Built in float valve
  • Silent flow drain system
  • External drilling of bulkheads
Bashsea BioFuge Sump Model 30-14-16 Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 30x14x16 inches
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Drains: one 1" drain
  • Socks: one 4" sock
  • Skimmer section: 13x13.5"
  • Refuge section: 10x13.5"
  • Return section: 8x6"

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